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How To Make A Ponytail Pop !

In this weeks journal, we are sharing secrets of the pro’s, and How To Make A Ponytail Pop. When it comes to women and their ponytails, the bigger the better. Every fashionista loves a ponytail that is full of volume. But what do you do if your ponytail lacks the fullness to make it worthy?   If you feel like your ponytail falls short, then try these tricks below, and you will be well on your way to the perfect ponytail.

how to make a ponytail

Photo Source:  Pinterest


1./ How To Make A Ponytail Pop with Bobby Pins

This is probably one of the easier ways to add a little bit of lift to your ponytail. It is the easiest because really all you will need is a couple of bobby pins in addition to a loose tooth comb.

pins and comb

After securing your hair into a ponytail, lift the ponytail up. If you have a clip, you can gently clip the ponytail so that it stays out of the way. Then, place two bobby pins vertically in the ponytail next to the hair tie as demonstrated below.

how to make a ponytail pop - Iles Formula

Photo Source: Pinterest

After you have done this, use the comb to gently rouge (back comb) the hair to add fullness. When back combing, do not overdo it. Keep a light hand and less is more. The pins will lift the ponytail up slightly at the base, and the rouging will add a bit of fullness. We love the look below as an inspiration.different-types-of-ponytails-hairstyles-7

Photo Source:  Pinterest

2./ Double It Up

Doubling up is a trick for how to make a ponytail that will not only add fullness, but it will also add length. This secret of the pro’s is a ponytail game changer. Check out the before and after of a ponytail using this technique.

Free People

Photo Source:  blog.freepeople.com

To copy this trick, all you will need is 2 fabric hair tie’s. In addition to the hair tie’s you will need that loose tooth comb that we shared above. Start out by sectioning your hair in half, separating top and bottom into even size sections. Clip the top section out of the way. Start out by securing the bottom section into a ponytail in line with your ears. Use your comb and gently rouge (back comb) the bottom section to add fullness. Then secure the second ponytail with the top half directly above it. If you drew a line diagonally up from your cheekbone, that is the ideal position point for the top ponytail. After securing the top ponytail, rouge that as well. Have a peek below at what we mean.

Free People2

Photo Source:  blog.freepeople.com

3./ Clip It Up

Our next trick may seem like a crazy idea, but it actually works. In addition to a ponytail holder, all that you will need is a teasing brush and clips as shown below. You can find clips like this at Sally Beauty.

clips and brush

Start out securing your hair into a high ponytail. Next, split the ponytail in half, and use the teasing brush to back comb the top half. Then secure that on top of the head while you attach the clip. Place the clip in at the base of the ponytail and be sure it is secured tightly. I know what your thinking, WHAT? Well, we’ve got you covered. Check out the image below for reference.


Photo Source:  Pinterest

After you have completed this step, unclip the top section and allow it to fall over the clip. Finally, check out the view from the back to make sure that the clip is completely covered with the hair from the top. In conclusion, shoot for the look of the image below and your ponytail will definitely be popping.

Glamour mag

Photo Source:  Glamour Magazine

4./ Tease Tease Tease

The last trick for How To Make A Ponytail Pop is simple. Tease the ponytail. There is a fine line between not teasing enough and over teasing the hair. Our pro tip for perfect back combing is always teasing from underneath. This will allow you to create a cushion at the base and the ability to smooth it out over the top. All you will need for this trick is a hair tie in addition to a teasing brush like the one above.

First, secure the hair into a ponytail. Take a section of hair from the bottom of the ponytail and clip the top away. Tease the hair at the base of the section underneath. When you have finished, take another section and repeat. Continue taking sections and repeating until you have teased the entire ponytail. Finally, smooth the top section over the teased underneath sections. Let the image below be your inspiration and your ponytail will be the envy of all.

Extensionmania instagram

Photo Source:  Pinterest

Are you ready to give it a try? Try one, or try them all and let us see your ponytail selfie’s. Tag us on instagram @ilesformula_hair and use the hashtag #IlesFormula.

Have you tried any of these How To Make A Ponytail Pop tricks? Let us know which one in the comments below.







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