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How to style your hair for frizz-free curls this summer? (2019 update)

Don’t we all just love the beautiful luscious curls fresh from the salon that give us so much confidence? With your beautiful, silky and bouncy salon-styled curls, you are walking around all day with the wind in your hair, a spring in your step, and confidence to boot.

The beautiful screen goddess curls from dawn till dusk is what you expect when you walk into the salon, but reality hits you hard when many girls find themselves facing the worst nightmare for curly hair – the dreaded out-of-control frizzy hair!

The good news is, if you choose the right product for your hair and learn the right methods to anti-frizz, you can be sport frizz-free goddess curls all day, from morning till night!

Frizzy hair - Anti-frizz curls - summer hair - orange hairPicture via Pinterest

Why is my hair so frizzy?

First of all, we need to be scientific and understand the root causes behind frizzy hair. This is when humidity in the atmosphere and the moisture levels in your hair play havoc against each other. Humidity causes the cuticle of the hair to swell. The bigger these two levels of moisture differ, the more your hair frizzes. In other words, the more humid the weather and the dryer your hair is, the more your hair is prone to frizzing up.

Therefore, what you need to do to get rid of frizzy hair altogether is to lock in the moisture in your hair and keep the “bad moisture” out, which is the humidity in the environment.

Let’s see how we can suit up with the right products, use stylist-approved methods to style, and fight against the dreaded frizzy hair now.


1. Avoid using conventional towels

Rubbing wet hair is one of the big NO-NO, especially using a conventional towel. Microi fibre is the key!

The friction created between your hair and the towel will cause both frizzing and severe hair damage. When your hair is wet, the cuticle layer of your hair is raised, and it is the most vulnerable moment of your hair in your daily hair care routine.

Instead of adding friction to your curls with a towel and cause unnecessary frizz, you should use a micro fibre hair turban that gently squeezes out the moisture without disturbing that hair cuticle. It gives an added bonus as your curls will stay nicely in place as they dry.

Frizzy hair - Anti-frizz curls - summer hair - orange hair - turban

Anti-frizz Absorbent Turbans – Check the picture to see more details

There are some fabulous turbans that are specially designed for you to avoid frizzy hair. Case in point, the super adsorbent Iles Formula turban. Not only does it fight frizz and cause almost no friction between your hair and the turban, it dries your hair super-fast. With two classic color options of Parisian charcoal grey and pearly white, you and your friends can put your hair up, have a classy Parisian moment together and take a retro beauty-themed wefie for your adoring fans and friends on social media.

Frizzy hair - Anti-frizz curls - summer hair - orange hair - turban

Photo Source: jayjay1143 from Weheartit


2. Avoid rinsing your hair with super-hot water and in an upside-down direction

Washing your hair with extremely hot water can strip the good natural oils out of your hair, which are responsible for giving your hair a smooth texture and keep it moisturized and in a good condition.

Also, always remember to rinse your hair in a natural, downward direction, following the direction your follicles grow, rather than against the grain in an upside-down direction.

  • We recommend using an infuser on a cool setting for drying.
  • For curly hair, it is very important to allow hair to dry completely before going in and pulling out the curl.


3. Do not brush your hair when it’s dry

You should only comb your hair when it is wet because combing/brushing curls when they are dry will cause them to separate and become very frizzy. Also, remember always to detangle wet curls with a wide-tooth comb and you should always start working from the tips and go up the hair length step by step. Combing your hair straight from the roots to the ends will also create snags, tangles, and frizz. The best moment to do this is when applying your conditioner.

The Iles conditioner is phenomenal for this step as knots and tangles slide immediatly away , instantly repairing any dryness that is present. This should be the last moment you comb your hair before drying so as combing, think about where you want your part line.


Frizzy hair - Anti-frizz curls - summer hair - orange hair - turban

Photo Source: lajoshrich.com


If you need to tame your hair, try combing it with damp fingertips; or applying the Iles Formula Curl Revive Spray liberally throughout the curls and do not touch the curls again until they are dry. Dry either with a diffuser or allow them to dry naturally.


4. Get the right product for curly hair

The right ingredients provide the key to hair care. Make sure that your daily hair care regime is free of sulfates, silicones, and parabens. Ingredients such as nut butter and pure oils will help hydrate your hair and make it less frizzy.

Avoiding ingredients that are bad for your hair can be equally as important: avoid hair products with alcohol, especially if “alcohol” appears at the beginning/top of the ingredient list, this means the percentage is high! Hairstyling products such as hairspray, gels, and mousses all tend to contain a lot of alcohol. It is ultimately drying for your hair and will damage your locks badly if used over a long period of time.

There are, however, some noted exceptions, such as long-chain alcohols that are highly beneficial to your hair. These alcohols, such as Cetyl alcohol and Cetearyl alcohol, smooth down damaged cuticles instead of drying your hair out. A deep knowledge of ingredients is key in developing a line that fights against frizz.

The Iles Formula Signature Shampoo and Conditioner are completely sulfate-free, silicone-free, paraben-free and cruelty-free. Containing extracts from raw and virgin ingredients, they are your best tools for taming and moisturizing your hair against frizz.

Frizzy hair - Anti-frizz curls - summer hair - orange hair - Iles Formula Conditioner

Iles Formula Shampoo – Check the picture to see more details

Frizzy hair - Anti-frizz curls - summer hair - orange hair - Iles Formula Shampoo

Iles Formula Conditioner – Check the picture to see more details


On top of your daily hair care routine, use deep conditioning masks and treatments that are specially formulated for your hair to absorb nutrients for even longer and lock in the moisture in your hair effectively. A deep conditioning hair mask can be used once a week or even once a month depending on your hair texture. Apply it to damp hair, then leave your  masked hair under a shower cap for around 20 minutes. When the time is up, you can rinse your hair and let it dry naturally. Using a high-quality hydrating mask full of natural ingredients is the key to beautiful, manageable hair.

Frizzy hair - Anti-frizz curls - summer hair - orange hair - hair mask

Iles Formula mask – Check the picture to see more details


5. Sleeping Smart

Letting your hair flow freely over your cotton pillow and all over your face not only causes pimples if you have sensitive skin, it will also cause breakages in your hair. You can braid your hair in a protective style before sleeping to reduce friction and frizz. You don’t have to style it up with a Dutch braid, French braid, or fishtail braid for bed, just a normal braid is fine, as long as it feels comfortable enough for sleep. Investing in a silk or satin pillowcase will protect your hair from the overnight friction caused by your pillowcase and is a fancier option: you will sleep like Sleeping Beauty and wake up feeling like a princess in the morning.

How to style your hair for frizz-free curls this summer? (2019 update) | Screen Shot 2019 08 07 at 6.54.27 AM

Picture via Pinterest


6. Right Haircut

Last but not least, find the most suitable curls that are just right for your hair. The soft 70s vibe curls that look super trendy and cool on your friend may look completely different on you. What is YOUR best curly hairstyle? This could depend on how curly your hair is, what kind of hairstyles you like, how much effort you are willing or able to put into styling, your face shape, and perhaps most importantly, your hair texture.

How to style your hair for frizz-free curls this summer? (2019 update) | f665f07176c35a71287f55fedfb3c1ae e1565153391776

Picture via Pinterest

To give you some ideas:

  • If you are blessed with tight curls a la Zendaya, you should try to keep your hair long to help weigh it down, so that it doesn’t look so “poofy” and the length will allow the curl pattern to shine.
  • If you have long beachy waves, keep the layers minimal to add weight to your hair so your hair doesn’t “poof out” – this style is also the easiest curly hairstyle for you to try, as you can be minimal in your styling and allow the style to speak for itself!

How to style your hair for frizz-free curls this summer? (2019 update) | 7652a99e52f085bf973209d12eb4966bPicture via Pinterest

If you prefer shorter hairstyles such as a retro 1920s flapper’s bob or an It-Girl friendly (not to mention versatile!) shoulder-length lob, you can streamline the style by keeping the front longer and the back shorter. Not only will this allow you to keep your beautiful curls, it will allow movement, but it will also allow movement, reduce the “poofy” look at the sides while making it easier to style overall.

Frizzy hair - Anti-frizz curls - summer hair - short curly hairPhoto via Pinterest

Frizzy hair - Anti-frizz curls - summer hair - short curly hair - blondePhoto via Pinterest

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