Iles Formula Hair Talk Featuring Amanda Diedrich Of Blohaute

This week Iles Formula Hair Talk Features Amanda Diedrich Of Blohaute.  Amanda, also known as Blohaute is your “go to” for Hair Tutorials, Education and all things Hair Extensions.  She is located in Chicago, Illinois, but travels around the country to educate hair stylists.  Hear what Amanda has to say about hair, and the beauty industry as well as her favorite products.  Check out her Instagram @blohaute to see what Amanda is up to.


Iles Formula Hair Talk Featuring Amanda Diedrich Of Blohaute


IF:  Tell us what you think is the biggest challenge in hairdressing today?

While being a hairdresser you can face many small obstacles, my biggest challenge was when I was still working in a salon environment, but felt I was losing my motivation & creativity. Leaving the salon world to start my own on location business was a terrifying decision, but also the unknown was quite exciting to me. Now 3 years later, I feel like I have my ultimate dream job as a hairstylist!


IF:  What’s the most enjoyable part of your job?

Being able to travel across the US and teach styling & extensions classes to hairstylists all over. I love all of the random opportunities that come my way as a freelancer.


Iles Formula Hair Talk Featuring Amanda Diedrich Of Blohaute


IF:  Why did you choose the path of hairdressing and was it easy to fall into this work?

Like a lot of hairdressers, I grew up always having an interest in everything hair. Whether it was cutting all my dolls hair off or styling all my friends hair for special occasions, I was always drawn to it. After high school I went off to Depaul University in Chicago, because that was what was expected from my parents, however deep down I knew I wanted to go to Cosmetology school. After finally convincing my Dad, I attended Tricoci University while also working as an apprentice at Mario Tricoci. And that is where it all truly began!


IF:  If you had not made the decision to be a hairdresser what would you have been?

I was going to school for nursing, majoring in Biological Sciences…clearly I took a completely different route!


Iles Formula Hair Talk Featuring Amanda Diedrich Of Blohaute


IF:  What is your greatest strength?

Definitely my enthusiasm to always keep learning. I believe constant education is truly key to being the best hairstylist. In terms of hair- greatest strength is definitely textured/lived in styles.


IF:  Your favorite hairdressing tools?

So hard to choose! Definitely a close call between my Dyson Supersonic, Sheila Stotts brush, or my babyliss 1.25in curling iron.


Iles Formula Hair Talk Featuring Amanda Diedrich Of Blohaute


IF:  Tell us about your relationship with Iles Formula. How you discovered us and which formula is your favorite?

I discovered Iles Formula through my friend Chrissy Rasmussen who is an extremely talented hairstylist. She gave me a sample of the serum and I instantly fell in love. My favorite formula is #3 the Serum because I work so much with extensions, and it works wonders on extension hair.


IF:  What was the most challenging job you ever made?

It’s hard to choose the most challenging, but I will say, the jobs I am booked with where the mood board/desired hairstyle is completely out of my comfort zone.


Iles Formula Hair Talk Featuring Amanda Diedrich Of Blohaute


IF:  What was your worst hair moment and why…. privately or on set/stage or in the salon?

Cosmetology School. I was using a razor on a men’s haircut, he turned his head unexpectedly, and needless to say I shaved a line straight up the back of his head. Hence why I will never cut again. (Except for blending extensions)


IF:  If you could style anyone’s hair, who would it be and why?

Blake Lively, Gigi Hadid, or Bella Hadid. They all have amazing hair, and seem to be experimental with the way they style their hair. I love any client that is open to trying new hairstyles!


Iles Formula Hair Talk Featuring Amanda Diedrich Of Blohaute


IF:   Where do you pull hair inspiration from?

All over! Instagram is definitely a big contender, however I also love finding inspiration through traveling. And of course meeting other stylists through educating, I am constantly learning new techniques/tips & tricks.


IF:  Your advice to young hairdressers starting out?

Find your brand. Discover what aspects of hairdressing you love & run with it. Use social media to build your reputation/style. And of course, never stop learning!

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