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Iles Formula Hair Talk with Elle Caerbert of Elle The Salon

Iles Formula Hair Talk with Elle Caerbert of Elle The Salon | Screenshot 2022 04 08 at 18.59.36 e1649408515721

Elle Caerbert

Elle Caerbert has spent over 10 years in the industry. After attending Paul Mitchell The School, apprenticing under master stylists and getting her hands in plenty of hair, Elle decided to open a one-chair salon back in 2014. She has had the honor of working on several magazine publications and training under celebrity and influencer stylists within the industry. Elle is truly in love with the career as a hairstylist now – in her own words, “finding my niche and being able to incorporate my love for not only hair but fashion into my job has been the catalyst within my career.” She specializes in balayage and blondes, lived-in colors, and textured cuts. Elle is the owner of the Elle The Salon located in Fort Worth, Texas.

We share a warm welcome to Elle to our Iles Formula family.

To learn more about Elle, visit her website. You can also follow her on Instagram @ellejcaerbert.

1. What would you term as your specialty within your trade?

Creating effortless lived-in hair. I love enhancing my client’s natural color and adding movement/texture when cutting.

2. What’s the most enjoyable part of your job?

The relationships I get to build with clients and others in the industry. I always want the experience to be more than just a hair service when someone sits in my chair.


Hair by Elle Caerbert

3. Why did you choose the path of hairdressing and was it easy to fall into this work?

It was actually my dads idea for me to do hair. I was touring colleges assuming that was the path I was supposed to take in life. I knew I wanted to do something creative and my dad tossed out the idea of hair while on a college tour my senior year of high school. A few months later I enrolled in hair school.

4. If you had not made the decision to be a hairdresser what would you have been?

I had a scholarship to a fashion design school and that had been my dream for years. But several things just didn’t feel right to me about going that route. When my dad suggested hair it just made sense. It was a way to still work so close to the fashion world and I didn’t have any reservations when thinking about it.

iles-formula-hair-talk-with-elle-caerbert-of-elle-the-salonHair by Elle Caerbert

5. What is your greatest strength

I know I am a great listener. This comes in handy when talking through what a client wants. I want us both to have a thorough understanding of goals and what can be achieved before starting an appointment. And I also feel that I have grown close to so many of my clients because of the safe space within my salon. I only take one in one appointments because I truly cherish the conversations and time spent with each individual. It’s so valuable.

6. Your favorite hairdressing tools?

I’m a huge fan of my Dyson dryer and Arc scissors currently.

7. Tell us about your relationship with ILES FORMULA. How did you discover us and which formula is your favorite?

I was struggling with my own hair health due to hormonal breakage. I was on the hunt for a reparative line and Iles Formula delivered a dramatic difference when I trialed it. I’m truly obsessed with all the products but the Finishing Serum is something I feel like I can’t live without now!

8. What was the most challenging job you ever had?

I wouldn’t even say it was with a client. I’d say the biggest challenges within my job have been making large career moves. The first time I decided to step out on my own outside of a big commission-based salon was incredibly challenging. It was hustle and grind for so long to make the transition. But every time I’ve reached for a goal and taken a risk in my career it’s massively paid off.

9. What was your worst hair moment and why….privately or on set/stage or in the salon?

I used to do bridal work. I had a client doing a shoot outside and it started lightly raining. Her hair was naturally curly but we had smoothed it out for the shoot. We had no choice but to embrace her natural texture when the humidity came out. The pictures turned out incredible and she was so cool with embracing the necessary hair change. It was such a great moment of learning to adapt and roll with the punches.

10. If you could style anyone’s hair, who would it be and why?

Not necessarily a person but I would love the experience of doing Fashion Week someday. I feel like it would be such a great learning experience personally and professionally.


Hair by Elle Caerbert

11. Where do you pull all hair inspiration from?

A lot from the fashion world, magazines, Instagram, and of course others in the industry I look up to.

12. Your advice to young hairdressers starting out?

Always stay educated. Make sure you have a good apprenticeship or mentor at the beginning of your career but also don’t let the education stop there. Take classes, watch videos, network with others etc to keep your inspiration alive and bring new things to your clients.


Hair by Elle Caerbert

13. Apart from the drastic salon hygienic regulations, what changes to a salon’s everyday business do you think will stay after the Covid-19 disruption?

Thankfully I feel as though a lot has returned back and that could be due to where I live in the US. I have noticed some service changes post-Covid though. A lot of my clients have started grey blending vs covering fully and embracing more natural rooty looks. I also think hair health overall has become a higher priority for a lot of people.

iles-formula-hair-talk-with-elle-caerbert-of-elle-the-salonHair by Elle Caerbert

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