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Iles Formula Hair Talk with Jillian Fontecchio of Blush n’ Blow Beauty Bar in New York

Iles Formula Hair Talk welcomes Jillian Fontecchio, Colorist + Curl Enthusiast at Blush n’ Blow Beauty Bar in Harrison, New York.

Read on to see what Jillian has to say about the hair business today.

To know more about Jillian, visit her salon’s website. You can also follow her on Instagram @haircolorbyjillian.


IF: What would you term as your specialty within your trade?

My specialty is customized color with an emphasis on healthy hair.

IF: What’s the most enjoyable part of your job?

The part about being a hair artist that I love the most is how it is a culmination of all of my favorite parts of me. My artist, nerd, and social butterfly all get to work together to create something beautiful.


Hair by Jillian Fontecchio

IF: Why did you choose the path of hairdressing and was it easy to fall into this work?

I decided to pursue a career in hairdressing when I was three months pregnant and already had a career in bookkeeping. Bringing new life into the world brought new meaning to me to follow my dreams. I have always been an artistic person, who also loves math and science. While it wasn’t the easiest to completely change my professional path, this career feeds all of the hungry parts of my brain and soul.

IF: If you had not made the decision to be a hairdresser what would you have been?

I likely would have become a Certified Public Accountant.


IF: What is your greatest strength?

Unwavering optimism.

IF: Your favorite hairdressing tools?

The Iles Formula Curl Revive (actually changed my life), Wide tooth combs, a misting spray bottle, a diffuser.


IF: Tell us about your relationship with Iles Formula. How you discovered us and which formula is your favorite?

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Iles Formula through my salon. The owner is a hand-tied extensions specialist and swore it was the only product that insured the health of her extensions. She’s right, and I and my clients are externally grateful for her insight.

IF: What was the most challenging job you ever made?

I had a preteen client come in with severely matted hair. She was so scared we would have to cut it all out. I was able to use Iles Formula conditioner, water, and the patience of a saint to untangle her hair completely with minimal loss. It was an exhausting, and emotional day, but the joy on her face when she left was priceless.

IF: What was your worst hair moment and why… privately or on set/stage or in the salon?

There was one time where I overpromised and under-delivered. I promised ashy blonde hair to someone with very dark hair without a test strand. Things did not go as planned. I went home and cried. My client and I both weren’t happy, but I beat myself up over it for two months. It was the only time I’ve felt like a failure since I’ve started doing hair. The lesson was definitely learned.

IF: If you could style anyone’s hair, who would it be and why?

Joan Smalls, because she is stunning in every way, and also I’m convinced her natural hair and my natural hair are twins and I could showcase her curls in the most beautiful way.

IF: Where do you pull hair inspiration from?

From everything and everywhere. Lately, I have been fascinating with stones and crystals and can find endless inspiration from their texture, color, and feel.


Hair by Jillian Fontecchio

IF: Your advice to young hairdressers starting out?

Work hard, don’t get distracted or discouraged, you can never stop learning.

IF: Apart from the drastic salon hygienic regulations what changes do you think to the salon’s everyday business will stay after the Covid-19 disruption?

I think people, in general, have adapted to more low maintenance, but a healthy lifestyle. The “lived in” trend was definitely here before Covid, but I feel it’s less of a trend and more of a lifestyle now. People are using less heat styling, coloring their hairless, and really are thinking about what they’re putting on or into their bodies.


Hair by Jillian Fontecchio

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