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Iles Formula Hair Talk with Jon Hala from Jon Hala Salon


This week Iles Formula Hair Talk welcomes Jon Hala who is the founder of  Jon Hala Salon in the financial district of Canary Wharf, London. We loved interviewing him and reading about his views on the hairdressing business today and the possible changes ahead as UK soon will be opening its salon doors after the Covid-19 #confinment.

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IF: Tell us what you think is the biggest challenge in hairdressing today?

The biggest challenge I find in hairdressing today is how COVID-19 will restructure the way we will have to go about Salon life: setting-up appointments, limitations of clients, while finding a formula to maximize revenue. In this case, an increase in product sales will be one of the keys to stability.

IF: What’s the most enjoyable part of your job?

One of the elements of enjoying my craft is knowing that I have made someone feel confident and beautiful. The others are the interactions and social elements involved in this job.



IF: Why did you choose the path of hairdressing and was it easy to fall into this line of work?

I come from the second generation of hairdressers. This means that as a teen, I spent after school hours and most weekends making teas and coffees for the clients, sweeping the floor, and watching my parents create. But, most importantly, watching them enjoy what they did.

IF: If you had not made the decision to be a hairdresser what would you have been?

It would definitely have been something involving my other passions. Either the arts, photography, or architecture/design.


IF: What is your greatest strength?

Cutting, creating wearable, effortless hair, while constantly looking at trends and textures. I would also say learning the art of keeping clients’ interest up and moving clients forward on current trends in a subtle and gentle manner.



IF: Your favorite hairdressing tools?

My favourite tool is my knowledge and being creative with it. For me, there really are no rules to hairdressing.



IF: Tell us about your relationship with Iles Formula. How did you discover us and which formula is your favorite?

I have known Wendy Iles, founder of the brand, for many years. I’ve followed Wendy’s journey through her work on the world stage, until the creation of Iles Formula. This is the hardest question of the interview! Each product is as good as the other and they all complement one another. I think it has to be the Conditioner Haute Performance. I love how this product has a silk base which shuts down the hair shaft like venetian blinds❤️.




IF: What was the most challenging job you ever had?

It would have to be jumping from a very successful hairdressing career to opening my own salon. This involved creating a brand with my own name, in the financial district of London, Canary Wharf.

IF: What was your worst hair moment and why…privately or on set/stage or in the salon? 

I haven’t really had any disasters. However, dealing with high profiles for the first time is always challenging. They always seem to compare but, one thing I can say, is that they never walk away disappointed and we always cross each other’s paths, somewhere along the line.




IF: If you could style anyone’s hair, who would it be and why?

Great question. Well, Wendy, it would have to be yours! Everybody is in need of a hairdresser right now, and I think I’d be the right candidate during the lockdown.

WI: Well Jon, say’s Wendy. “I haven’t had a hairdresser do my hair in years, agreed the experience would be special indeed. Next trip to London it’s a date!”

IF: Where do you pull hair inspiration from?

Shapes, colours, fashion, movies, etc. When you love your job as much as I do, you never switch off, you seem to go from strength to strength.

IF: Your advice to young hairdressers starting out?

Never ever give up. Watch, listen, learn. Always hustle and push those boundaries, love what you do, and be an open page, and have the willingness to “Fail & Learn”.



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