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iles formula interview


iles formula interview

Iles Formula Interview

I had the great opportunity to test out the sensationally hair care line ILES FORMULA made by celebrity hairstylist Wendy Iles. Honestly, I had to fight with my hair for about 3 years now after I did a huuuge mistake and went to a very unqualified hairdresser who bleached my hair till death. The consequences were lifeless and damaged hair. Since then I became obsessed with hair care and spend so much money on products that didn’t work out for me.

Now ILES FORMULA came into my life, it’s getting all better with my hair and I’m near to the point to go and dye my hair again – at a qualified salon of course. To cut the long story short, read the Iles Formula interview with Wendy Iles below because she answered me some really important questions everyone has to know before buying this gorgeous hair care.

You’re a professional hair dresser of world-famous celebrities such as Heidi Klum, so you surely know all the best hair care products on the market. What was the reason for creating your own hair products?

WENDY ILES: Simply because I couldn’t find what I needed ..I do a lot of high end beauty and hair campaigns around the world. I have a few hours with a celebrity to prep thier hair before a hair campaign for example. I needed to have a care repair products that worked on ALL hair types and one that worked INSTANTLY, on the spot on the day. This didn’t exist, I knew the exact performance I wanted so set out to make it …Thats how Iles Formula was born. It was made for my on set use never thinking for a moment back then I’d ever go public with these formulas.

iles formula interview



iles formula interview


As I’m testing out your wonderful Iles Formula line by myself – it defintely get the most out of my lifeless hair. Can you explain why your 1-3 steps are the perfect solution for every hair type?

WENDY ILES: My soul is inside and my name is on the outside !! I put my life savings into developing these formulas. Most high end products have one or 2 key ingredients I have 24 in the conditioner and almost the same number in the finishing serum. Hand selected raw virgin ingredients infused with high technology… the best recipe ever.

You also have your own blog where you share your inspiration and give your readers behind-the-scenes insight. Do you have some tips for growing hair and keeping it healthy?

WENDY ILES: Defiantly starts with hair care, so without doubt start with my formulas. Have regular trims every 6 to 8 weeks. Just a dusting of the ends helps a lot. My finishing serum used on a daily basis on ends over time even helps seal split ends together… and has lots of protectors, heat protection, humidity protector and UV protection in turn helping prevent colour fade.

Check out ILES FORMULA and get your own hair miracle. I used the Discovery Pack which is also awesome for traveling.

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