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ILES FORMULA Launching to Salons

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                                                          ILES FORMULA Launching to Salons

I’m thrilled to announce the expansion of Iles Formula throughout the USA! The successful New York and Los Angeles launches were a blast, and we are ready to announce the first wave of salon ambassadors.

Our first stop in the Midwest will be Marcy Cona’s MC Hair Salon (www.mchair.com) in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Marcy is a highly experienced and widely respected stylist, who has worked alongside me on various film sets and celebrity shoots. I’m excited to meet with her team on September 15 – 16, when we will launch the Iles Formula at MC Hair Salon.

We move further west with the next salon: Dennis Bartolomei (www.dennisbartolomei.com). Dennis and his dynamic team have one of the premier salons in Chicago, and are known for providing 5 Star services to their elite clientele. Come experience Iles Formula in Chicago on September 17, and receive the Iles treatment along with a complimentary blow dry!

October will mark our expansion into Canada, as we will launch at Lac + Co, a new concept salon by the always exciting Tony Pham.

You can keep up with all the exciting developments of Iles Formula on our new Vimeo site!



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