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Iles Formula People Talk with Andrea Karg

Andrea Karg is the founder of Allude Cashmere. Before entering the fashion industry, Andrea started off training to be a lawyer until her love of cashmere came into play leading to the birth of Allude Cashmere in 1993.

Prior to this, Andrea noticed there weren’t many well-made, fitted-silhouette sweaters in modern colors on a large scale and made it her mission to fill this gap. Now, her empire has grown globally with more than 700 international retailers carrying the brand such as Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, and more.

Andrea aims to transform luxurious cashmere into more feminine pieces so that the sensual material of cashmere, its softness, intelligence, and coziness can be applied to everyday feminine wear.

To find out more about Andrea and Allude Cashmere, follow their Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. You can also visit Allude Cashmere’s website for more information about their products and services.


IF: What inspires you?

I have no concrete source of inspiration though I like to get inspired by my surroundings, experiences, or even encounters. Sometimes it happens directly, sometimes indirectly. Designing is not a 9-to-5-job for me but a continuous process.

IF: Who is your Style Icon?

For me, Style Icons are people whose style is an expression of attentiveness towards themselves. For example the actress Senta Berger.

IF: How did you find your profession?

It all started with the first contact and the first touch of the sensual material cashmere. My career in the fashion world began with an idea that seemed quite simple: I wanted to transform luxurious cashmere into feminine fashion pieces and transfer its sensuality into a modern collection. In 1993, I started with twelve styles in ten different colors. Today, there are 400 different styles per season in 50 colors!

IF: What would you say to your younger self?

I would say: It will not always be easy, and there will always be new situations and challenges to grow with. It is important to know exactly what you want to achieve and to deal intensively with all the issues involved. But never forget that you only have one life… So enjoy and have fun as well! Focus on the things that give you pleasure and fulfill your everyday life. If possible, find your profession in this area that you pursue with enthusiasm and passion.


IF: What was the most important thing that you read or saw this week?

The unveiling story in the Süddeutsche Zeitung about the FinCEN Files. These secret documents from the U.S. Treasury Department show that banks and authorities are failing across the board when it comes to preventing criminals from laundering money.

IF: What do you love most in Autumn and Winter?

I love the mountains – especially Kitzbühl. Generally, I just love being outdoors in nature. Skiing is one of my great passions. In Munich, I love long walks in the English Garden. Moreover, cycling to the office is always like a prayer! But in the winter, I can also relax in my own house with a good book for example.


Photo by Allude Cashmere

IF: How would you describe your relationship with your hair?

Well-kept hair is very important to me. After all, it is one of the most important key stimuli for the first impression of a person.


IF: How did you get to know ILES FORMULA?

ILES FORMULA was recommended to me by a good friend. One day at dinner she said: “Andrea, I have found the perfect hair care. Your hair will be much smoother, shinier, and healthier.“ She was absolutely right!

IF: What is your favorite ILES FORMULA Product?

Definitely the ILES FORMULA Haute Performance Shampoo, because it works great with cashmere as well. I always use it when my Allude Cashmere Care Shampoo is empty. It is simply the perfect “haircare” for every hair. And I love the ILES FORMULA Finishing Serum because it protects the hair from both heat and cold. It’s an all-rounder!



IF: One Beauty Secret that you want to share with us today? And who recommended it to you?

My Beauty MUST is definitely a peeling. Take the time for yourself and always be good to yourself!

IF: What does Beauty mean to you?

For me, beauty means individualism, courage, and freedom.


Photo by Allude Cashmere

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