Lets Speak about the Perfume inside Iles Formula.

Lets Speak about the Perfume inside Iles Formula.

Iles Formula perfume

Iles Formula Perfume

Lets speak about the Iles Formula perfume that everyone loves so much in Iles Formula. Every day I receive a message from someone commenting on how much they love their hair after using our formulas. Always they comment on the perfume. It pleases me as I spent over 1 year trying to find just the right perfume to correspond to my original mood board.

When it came perfume time in the development process of Iles Formula I had to start somewhere, so I decided to create a mood board, I thought how else can one convey a perfume better than in images. When I look back now at these images of white flowers, the softness of cashmere, the thought of morning dew and my Mothers fresh linen after a day in the sun, I see we managed perfectly to create those moods into our essence.

The Iles Formula perfume was designed in a french way, as long as it is warm, with warm water or drying tools, it engulfs you. The moment it is cold it quietens down to linger softly not to fight against your other colognes.

Created from white flowers, mostly white tea flowers which are less sweet than most. I’ve always loved flowers, my garden is full of them and my home always has a white bouquet of fresh flowers somewhere. Unsurprisingly in summer I often have white linen drying in a light breeze.

We hope you love this perfume in our formulas as much as we do .

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    1. Caro Aug 09, 2016 - 11:35 PM

      It’s really great that people are sharing this inmnofatior.

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