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Iles Formula Woman – Mari Giudicelli

mari giudicelli iles formula


We are beginning a new profile series of women we admire and believe you should get to know them too! For our debut piece we chose to feature Mari Giudicelli. You’ve probably already seen her face before… She is the New York based Brazilian born model-it-girl and shoe maker. Her new shoe collection caused frisson during New York Fashion Week. She does laid back downtown fresh elegance like few – from messy hair to pastel colours and mules. Mari’s new shoe line reflects her style and we all want a piece of it. Muse to women we admire like Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Mari’s cool personality emulates just the kind of woman we love! Thank you for loving Iles Formula back!


Mari Iles Formula


IF: What’s your relationship with your hair?

MG: The more natural, the better.

IF: Best hair inspiration decade?

MG: 60’s!

IF: Most inspiring thing you’ve learned at your job?

MG: Meeting people, sharing and connecting them. 

IF: Do you read directions for use?

MG: I love manuals and instructions!

IF: Do you read composition of products?

MG: I do! I learned that the first ingredient listed is the one most used, and I also look for plant names. This is what called my attention in Iles Formula ingredients!

IF: Your favourite Iles Formula product?

MG: The Shampoo is my favourite.

IF: Favourite shower music?

MG: Tim Maia

IF:What makes you most happy?

MG: Being at the beach with friends


Visit Mari’s shoe collection at: http://www.marigiudicelli.com






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