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Iles Formula Women – Marie Schmieder


Our Iles Formula Woman In Action this week is Marie Schmieder from the German Departmentstore Quartier 206. Marie is a 26 years old young lady from Berlin. She studied fashion and design and is a mother of a 3 years old son. She has worked for Miu Miu and Chanel (New York) and is currently the PR & Brand Manager at DSQ206.com.

DSQ206.com is the digital sister of the iconic Departmentstore Quartier 206 and a leading online retailer in high-end fashion, beauty and lifestyle with a distinctive aesthetic.

IF : Relationship with your hair ?

Marie : I have a high-maintenance hair, that’s why I only want to use the best products. I am currently letting my hair grow and feel that changing my beauty routine too frequently would be like playing Russian roulette.

IF : Best hair inspiration decade ?

Marie : Always the 70’s. I LOVE fringe and wild long hair.

IF : How did you hear about Iles Formula ?

Marie : I had the chance to meet Wendy Iles in person at Department Store Quartier206. After she told me that her soul was in every single one of her products, I knew that I had to try her formulas.

IF : What is the most inspiring thing you’ve learned at your job ?

Marie : Say YES to unexpected opportunities – even if it could scare you.

IF : Do you read direction for use ?

Marie : Yes, I always do, because I want to use the product in a correct way in order to get the best results possible.

IF : Do you read the composition of a product ?

Marie : I always focus on the first three ingredients because they can tell me what’s inside.

IF : Your favorite Iles Formula product ?

Marie : Definitely the conditioner. It makes my hair look incredibly healthy and shiny.

IF : Your favorite shower dance ?

Marie : “If you like pina coladas” by Rupert Holmes always makes my day.

IF : What makes you the most happy ?

Marie : The smell of salt and sand while sitting at the beach with my little boy.

IF : If you were to share one beauty tip with us today, what would it be ?

Marie : Eat healthy, feel healthy !

IF : Being a woman in 2016 ?

Marie : Your child will follow your examples, not your advice.

If you are an Iles Formula woman and would like to be featured in our journal, please contact us contact@ilesformula.com





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