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Iles Formula Women Featuring Vana Perisa

This week be sure to check out our Iles Formula Women Featuring Vana Perisa.

Vana Perisa is the founder of Rebirth of the Princess, a luxury store based in Oslo, Norway. At present Vana is working on her Jewelry collection and luxury brand. Working with global fashion and beauty brands, developing their profile in the Scandinavian market, she is recognized as one of the better known businesswomen in the Scandinavian beauty and fashion field.  She is driven by her passion and is a multi talented entrepreneur generating cash flow, sales, customer service, economic development and growth.  Read what she has to share below.  See more from Vana by visiting her website and Instagram:

Website :https://www.vanaperisa.com

Instagram : @vanaperisa


Iles Formula Women Featuring Vana Perisa

                                                                                    Photo : Jens Haugen


IF: What is the most inspiring thing you’ve learned at your job?

DVC: To be patient, never give up, trust my intuition and the law of attraction.


IF: Your favorite destination?

DVC: Croatia , my hometown Opatija.


IF: Best fashion Inspiration decade?

DVC: The 90’s with all the supermodels. Gianni Versace!


IF: If you were to treat yourself what would it be?

DVC: A romantic date with Mister Big.


IF: Your ultimate dinner party guests?

DVC: Michelle Obama, Oprah and Beyonce.


IF: Relationship with your hair?

DVC: I love my hair and take very good care of it. I know my hair is a big part of my personality and beauty. Right hair products, less hair extensions, healthy food and lifestyle is the key to great hair. I always protect my hair from cold weather and salt water as well.


IF: How did you hear about Iles Formula?

DVC: I was in the jury of Alternative Beauty in Paris, where I met Wendy and really loved her Iles Formula brand, vision and personality.


IF: Do you read direction for use?

DVC: Always.


IF: Do you read the composition of a product?

DVC: Yes, for cosmetics or hair care products. Also in fashion the clothing pieces and what they are made of is very important to me and my clients.


IF: Your favorite Iles Formula product?

DVC: I love the Travel Kit. I can’t cope with hotel shampoos!


IF: Your favorite shower dance?

DVC: Robin S «Show me love». All that love!!!


IF: What makes you the most happy?

DVC: People who raise the frequency and bring healthy positive energy to the world. Real relationships.


IF: If you were to share one beauty tip with us today, what would it be?

DVC: Follow your Intuition.

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