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Iles Formula Women Lora & Amal From Lamstyle


Meet this weeks Iles Formula Women Lora & Amal From Lamstyle, owners of one of our favorite beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogs.   They speak to us about all things beauty.  Enjoy!

Iles Formula Women Lora & Amal From Lamstyle

IF:  What is the most inspiring thing you’ve learned at your job?

L&A:  Well we have 2 jobs! Physician Assistants by day, fashion bloggers by night. The most inspiring thing we have learned throughout our professional careers is the power of community. Whether it be in the medical field or the fashion world, forming an alliance with your peers and helping one another reach a goal is truly an inspiration.

IF:  Your favorite destination?

L&A:  Favorite destination would have to be Italy.


IF:  Best fashion inspiration decade?

L&A:  The best fashion inspiration decade would have to be the 80s. It was such a huge time in the fashion world and the trends continue to be a large influence on the fashion world today.

IF:  If you were to treat yourself what would it be?

L&A:  A nice vacation is always a great way to treat ourselves! A weekend trip to NYC or a few days in LA is always a treat.

IF:  Your ultimate dinner party guests?

Lora:   Lady Gaga
Amal:  Inspiring fashion icons such as Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld.

Iles Formula Women Lora & Amal From Lamstyle

IF:  Relationship with your hair?

L&A:  Definitely a love/hate relationship. Both of us have color processed hair that needs love daily so the hunt for a perfect hair care is never ending. Avoiding heat to our hair is something we both aim to do. We also take biotin supplements which helps.


IF:  How did you hear about Iles Formula?

L&A:  Social media! On the hunt for the perfect hair care products, we came across Iles Formula, and it seemed to fit the bill. We knew we had to try it! It definitely didn’t fail to impress.

IF:  Do you read direction for use?

L&A:  Yes! We use the 3-step system in order. However we definitely use the serum much more freely, sometimes applying more than twice a day.

IF:  Do you read the composition of a product?

L&A:  Yes! We try to aim for less toxic products, particularly hair products that are paraben and sulfate free.

IF:  Your favorite Iles Formula product?

L&A:  We love the shampoo and conditioner, especially the smell.  But the serum would have to be our favorite product. It’s’ so lightweight and really helps manage the styling of our hair.

IF:  Your favorite shower dance?

L&A:  Shower is more for meditation than dancing! It’s one of the few moments of the day where we get some alone time to relax.

IF:  What makes you the most happy?

L&A:  Being comfortable makes us the most happy. Whether it be home alone and watching Netflix or out surrounded by good company, comfort is key.

Iles Formula Women Lora & Amal From Lamstyle

IF:  If you were to share one beauty tip with us today, what would it be?

L&A:  Toner, morning and night! People underestimate the power of a good face toner.

IF:  What is being a woman in 2018?

L&A:  Being a woman in 2018 can be described in one word- POWERFUL.


IF: Thank you  Lora and Amal

Find them on Social Media here:

Instagram- @LAMstyle_
Twitter- @Lamstyleblog
Facebook- @Lamstyleblog


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