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Iles Formula: Best Ingredients For Hair Care & Repair Products For All Hair Types

A story behind the magic of Iles Formula

Wendy Iles, the founder of Iles Formula, spent a decade scouring the globe to find powerful ingredient blends and complexes that would provide hair repair with instant results for her high profile clientele. She believes there should be no boundaries when it comes to finding the best hair care ingredients.

Iles Formula: Best Ingredients For Hair Care & Repair Products For All Hair Types

She formulated these formulas for herself and her A list clients, not imagining at the time that she would agree to a global launch. The results came from 3 decades at the top of her game in hair and her obsession for sumptuous lustrous hair that has become her trademark today.

Scouting the Best Hair Ingredients for Iles Formula



More than 15 key ingredients

There are 16 key raw ingredients to the Iles Formula Shampoo and 24 to the Iles Formula Conditioner and Iles Formula Finishing Serum. Each ingredient in the formulas is of the highest quality available, COLLECTED FROM THE SOURCE creating a new paradigm for high-performance hair care in shampoo, conditioner, and serum for all hair types.


Iles Formula Haute Performance Shampoo

Iles Formula Shampoo – Click here to see reviews

Our Iles Formula Shampoo has 16 key ingredients focusing on an exotic root juice. Free from harsh detergents, silicone, paraben, and sulfates, this delicate formula cleanses without stripping color or over­drying.

Vitamin B5 restores the hair shaft and helps to repair split ends, dullness and rough texture. Added silk protein from Japan enhances luxurious volume and body. This particular formula is unique being one of the very rare sulfate-free shampoos available today with an abundance of lather.




Scouting the Best Hair Ingredients for Iles Formula

Our Iles Formula Conditioner is intensely highly performing, INSTANTLY repairing ALL hair types without ever weighing the hair down. This paraben-free formula instantly transforms damaged, straw-­like hair into sumptuous spun silk perfection.

Put to the test on today’s A list celebrities, and on the sets of prestigious directors and photographers, Iles Formula repairs and revitalizes even the most damaged hair from the first treatment.

Silk from Japan creates an immediate voluptuous effect on the hair, while knots and tangles slip away instantly. Tucuma Palm and pracaxi oil extracted from the seeds of the Macrobola Tree are sourced from the Amazon rain forest in Brazil, as well as other propriety ingredients including Vitamin E and B5 for total hair rejuvenation.



Tucuma Butter

Tucuma Butter has been obtained from fruits native to Brazil. Tucuma Butter is cold-pressed from the seed of the native Tucuma Palm tree. A specialty from the Rain Forest, Tucuma Butter is prized for its rich content of polyphenols to combat free radicals, and fatty acids to protect and moisturize the hair.

Tucuma Butter performs more like the actives, delivering true healing, and restructuring benefits, and offers true hydration for improved elasticity and suppleness. High in vitamin A, the antioxidant properties in this exotic Amazonian butter help to keep the hair soft, smooth, and nourished.

Iles Formula Haute performance Finishing Serum

The Iles Formula Finishing Serum amplifies the smoothing quotient of hair and delivers a non-greasy, silky finish. This lightweight formula can be applied to wet or dry hair to protect against humidity, heated tools, chemical and environmental damages, color fade, and humidity.



Tucuma Seed Butter, Keratin Amino Acids, nut oils of Macadamia, Argan, Hydrolyzed Silk, and Panthenol to nourish the hair without ever weighing it down. Ceramic ­like molecules reinforce the hair fibers while strengthening hair and helping to repair split ends. Additional support from Vitamin B5 and UVB filters protect hair (even colored hair) from damaging UV rays. The serum is the finishing tool in Wendy’s hair care + repair arsenal.



Environmentally Friendly

Moreover, the ingredients are harvested with concern for the land, the environment, and the farmer’s welfare. What we take are the fruits, the nuts, and juices of plants, specially harvested from sustainable farming for our products.

Our products were sourced and created with the best intentions from the soul of our Founder Wendy Iles, to provide a haircare for all hair types with phenomenal instant results.

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