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Hair Tips: 4 Easy Steps To Get Kate Hudson’s Waves

kate hudson curly hair

Kate Hudson Curly Hair

I promised some of you an article on how to do soft waves. As I’m working this week with #KateHudson , I thought there is no better person for my muse than Kate to inspire your soft wave look. That is why I will talk about Kate Hudson curly hair style.

The secret in doing these waves is to break them down to make them look natural. I never use any product for this – just a great shampoo and conditioner. Part of the glamour is the spun silk texture of the hair. Mousse, 9 times out of 10, makes the hair scrunchy and hairspray makes the hair stiff.

1/ Blow dry your hair with a round brush lifting roots to create some volume. Be sure your hair is thoroughly dry.

2/ Choose a large barrel curling iron. For a more professional wand, you may want to invest in the cloud nine.

3/ Take long vertical sections starting at hairline and working toward the back. Roll the hair around the iron in a direction toward the center back. Hold for few seconds to penetrate the heat evenly, then remove the iron, roll this vertical section around 2 fingers and clip it in place with a long section clip until it cools.  I find that the metal clips hold more securely than plastic ones do, especially if your hair is long and heavy.

4/  Once the hair is cold, drop the hair down. If it’s too curly, use my method of last week blog on #Adele’s Hair Volume by attaching hair in a chignon on back of head while putting on make up  ( around 15 minutes ) and this will be enough to loosen the curl to a perfect natural wave.

Enjoy Kate Hudson curly hair style !

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