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Keep it Short and Simple: 3 Ways to Style Short Hair

The biggest faux pas in the hair industry is the idea that short hair makes life easier. But contrary to popular belief, this hair length has its share of struggles. 

With that preamble, we’re here to make it a lot easier! Today’s journal is short and simple; it covers product suggestions, washing tips, and three ways to style short hair.

Short hair does equal short washes, but it can also mean more washes.


Image sourced from Iles Formula Pinterest Board 

Many of us live on a tight schedule and having to wash long hair can take up a lot of our precious time. During those summer months, you are constantly tying your long hair into a ponytail too to seek relief from the heat. This is perhaps why going for a short haircut can feel a lot more convenient. However, what women often forget is that short hair can get greasy very quickly so while you spend less time washing, the frequency of these washes increases.

The greasiness is essential because short hair can be more obstructing, so keeping your hands off is out of the question. Tying up short hair also requires a little more styling technique. As a result, you end up using extra products like dry shampoo, hair gels, waxes, and sprays, which get mixed up with the excess sebum your scalp naturally produces. Eek!

To avoid the greasy hair dilemma, we suggest you secure the right products to cleanse and rinse any excess oil out. As your hair is short consider our newly launched hair and body cleanse Formulated without any parabens, silicones, and sulfates, leave your hair feeling and skin looking beautifully healthy!


keep-it-short-and-simple-3-ways-to-style-short-hairIles Formula HAIR + BODY CLEANSE

Keep in mind that natural hair care solutions like these revitalize and repair ALL hair types!

Easy Style Ideas 

Nothing ruins your mood like trying pinned hairstyle photos on your Pinterest Board and having it end up like a hot mess.

We get your frustration, and it is a tiresome process. To save you the trouble, we suggest simple tips for short hair, irrespective of the thickness and texture.

1. Short Waves


Image Sourced from the Iles Formula Pinterest Board

A hairstyle that screams, “I woke up like this” but in a sophisticated, chic way, this hairstyle always conveys an effortlessly natural look!

Not that this should come as a surprise, but creating volume is the key to nailing this look. So don’t be scared to turn up the heat; remember to give your hair a good blow dry before starting to create the soft bends (either with a curler or straightener).

Avoid using hairspray, especially if you have very thin hair, as this type of product will weigh your hair down. Instead, we highly recommend that you apply the Iles Formula Finishing Serum. It is a personal favorite for many freelance hairdressers and is spotted on the heads of many magazine covers. Our founder,  This serum has protection against heated tools + UV Color fade and humidity and has the power to transform hair that feels like straw to sumptuous silk.

keep-it-short-and-simple-3-ways-to-style-short-hairIles Formula Finishing Serum 

2. Tousseled Texture

This same serum is ideal for a tasseled texture on short crops. Applied daily for texture to wet or dry hair. It has protection against heated tools + Uv Color Fade + and humidity. It’s award-winning and delivers the most magnificent lustrous finish ever.



Sourced from the Iles Formula Pinterest

3. Curly Girl Accessories

The Curl Revive Serum has the same heat and humidity protection values as the finishing serum but is formulated for curls waves and all kinds of textured hair. Just spray it into wet curls and allow them to dry naturally.


Sourced from the Iles Formula Pinterest





Nothing says classy like an elegant French Twilly silk hair tie to complete a wrap-around. It’s an accessory that works for the holidays, summer, and so many other day-to-day occasions. Tie it around your short locks like a bandana.


Check out the Iles Formula Twilly Hair Tie; it comes in three unique patterns and colors – PASSIONNÉE, DISTINGUÉE, and FRIVOLE!


keep-it-short-and-simple-3-ways-to-style-short-hairIles Formula Silk Hair Tie (Distinguée)

keep-it-short-and-simple-3-ways-to-style-short-hairIles Formula Silk Hair Tie (Passioneé)

keep-it-short-and-simple-3-ways-to-style-short-hairIles Formula Silk Hair Tie (Frivole)



Long Story Short

Don’t wait until your next bad short hair day; bookmark this page now!

To ensure your hair remains hairstyle-ready every day of the week, check out our Iles Formula Signature Collection and  Curl Pack. These curated product combinations are the guarantee for consistently nourished and strengthened hair.

keep-it-short-and-simple-3-ways-to-style-short-hairIles Formula Signature Collection 


Keep it Short and Simple: 3 Ways to Style Short Hair | curl new pack 0915Iles Formula CURL REVIVE PACK

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