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Learn “how to” achieve Lorde’s hair naturally.

Lorde Graces the Cover of Vogue Australia

International superstar Lorde has just landed her first cover feature in the July 2015 issue of Vogue Australia. This is an especially notable accomplishment for the 18 year old singer-songwriter; it marks a departure from her usual androgynous style influenced by her music muses Grace Jones and David Bowie. The magazine’s cover has Lorde wearing an elegant flowery dress designed by new Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele.

As a self-described “strange child”, it has taken Lorde a few years of growing into her skin to appreciate the nuances of feminine style. Her usual limited color pallet has expanded as she now embraces the often flamboyantly wild designs of contemporary women’s fashion and it seems to be a perfect fit for her wild-child personality. However, her recent fashion statements are not a total transformation since she readily admits to wearing men’s shoes.

The daughter of famous New Zealand poet Sonja Yelich, she grew up writing prose, so part of her appeal is that Lorde is unpredictable and her exposure and artistic sensibilities have made her wise beyond her years. There’s no telling where Lorde will take her music in the future. Here’s hoping her fashion style evolves in similarly eclectic ways.  

How To Do Great Curls Naturally

I prefer Lorde’s hair best when it’s left to dry naturally. My hair is similar and over the years I have found the best method of making frizzy, natural curls look great without fluffy frizz is the following…

After you shampoo and condition, place a medium-textured masque throughout the hair. Kerastase was one I used before I developed the Iles Formula SerumNormally the Kerastase should be rinsed off, but I recommend leaving it on, it  works better. Comb through and define the curls around your fingers. Allow the curls to dry naturally or with a diffuser. Do not disturb the hair until dry. Never brush. Instead turn your head upside down and give the hair a good shake, and then throw it back into position. From here on in, only use your fingers as a brush. After sleeping on it, you may need to awaken your hair the next morning with more water and another dose of serum. (Iles Formula Serum can be used daily since it does not build up, whereas the Kerastase will).

For those of you with straight hair but want to create wild curls, take a look at one of my older posts on creating beach waves: http://bit.ly/1FYF9yy

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