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Met Gala 2016 Best Hair

The Met Gala is the party of the year and the fashion industry’s most important red carpet. This year’s theme was “Manus X Machina : Fashion in age of technology”, see what hairstyles your favorite celebrities chose to interpret this tech theme. Here is my 2016 Met Gala “Best Hair” edit.

Zendaya : just love this ball she is wearing. It’s a wig of course, but well done.

https://ilesformula.com/2016/05/met-gala-2016-best-hair/ - Zendaya - Wendy Iles - Met Gala 2016 - Hair - Best Hair

Ciara : metallic spray, gorgeous with her skin tone. I wish we could find a colored spray that doesn’t leave the hair sticky and stiff.

https://ilesformula.com/2016/05/met-gala-2016-best-hair/ - Wendy Iles - Ciara - Met Gala 2016 - Hair - Best Hair

Taylor Swift : This cut and color need to be left raw and with the lip color, it just looks dated, what do you think ? I hope she will grow her hair again.

https://ilesformula.com/2016/05/met-gala-2016-best-hair/ - Wendy Iles - Taylor Swift - Met Gala 2016 - Hair - Best Hair

Taylor Hill : that’s a sharp chignon and looks wonderful !

https://ilesformula.com/2016/05/met-gala-2016-best-hair/ - Wendy Iles - Taylor Hill - Met Gala 2016 - Hair - Best Hair

Lea Seydoux : chose slick and tight, do you like it ? I love her honey colored blonde.

https://ilesformula.com/2016/05/met-gala-2016-best-hair/ - Wendy Iles - Lea Seydoux - Met Gala 2016 - Hair - Best Hair

Kristen Stewart : opted for a touch of rock, nicely done with braids.

https://ilesformula.com/2016/05/met-gala-2016-best-hair/ - Wendy Iles - Kristen Stewart - Met Gala 2016 - Hair - Best Hair

Kate Bosworth : looking very royal.

https://ilesformula.com/2016/05/met-gala-2016-best-hair/ - Wendy Iles - Met Gala 2016 - Hair - Best Hair



Gigi Hadid : hair is simple but has something with this false thick ponytail.

https://ilesformula.com/2016/05/met-gala-2016-best-hair/ - Wendy Iles - Gigi Hadid - Met Gala 2016 - Hair - Best Hair

Karlie Kloss : tight and gelled into place. Suits her perfectly.

https://ilesformula.com/2016/05/met-gala-2016-best-hair/ - Wendy Iles - Karlie Kloss - Met Gala 2016 - Hair - Best Hair

Lupita Nyong’O : well this chignon matches the theme.

https://ilesformula.com/2016/05/met-gala-2016-best-hair/ - Wendy Iles - Lupita Nyong-O - Met Gala 2016 - Hair - Best Hair

Jourdan Dunn : looks sublime, her cut with this mink grey is really spectacular. I think she is my favorite. Who is yours ?

https://ilesformula.com/2016/05/met-gala-2016-best-hair/ - Wendy Iles - Jourdan Dunn - Met Gala 2016 - Hair - Best Hair


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