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Must Have Hair Tools To Step Up Your Hair Game

Do you ever wish you could style your hair as fabulous as your hairstylist does?  If you answered yes,  you are not alone.  This is something we hear often as hairstylists.  However, this does not mean you are not capable of creating fabulous hair at home.  It will however take a little bit of investment and some practice,  and you will be well on your way to creating hair that looks like you just left the salon.  In this journal, we are sharing with you Must Have Hair Tools To Step Up Your Hair Game.  So grab a pen and paper and jot down some of our all time faves so you can add them to your holiday wish list.

must-have-hair-tools-to-step-up-your-hair-gameBrushes And Combs

Ok let’s start with the basic Must Have Hair Tools To Step Up Your Hair Game, brushes and combs.  We like to start here because most people are not aware that different brushes and combs do different things.  So let’s elaborate… The first two we suggest are a detangling brush and a distribution (detangling) comb.


This detangling brush is by Sheila Stotts.  We love this brush because it is great for detangling both wet and dry hair. The separated bristles allow for a smooth pass through out the hair.  This is the perfect brush for everyday brushing.


Next up, is our Iles Formula Distribution Comb.  This comb is a game changer.   It’s great to leave in the shower and use it to comb your conditioner through your hair for even distribution of the product.  Plus,  the bonus is that your hair will be much easier to comb out once you are out of the shower.


Another brush that is a must have is a Round Brush.  Many ask, how do you decide which size round brush to use?  First and foremost, that depends on the length of your hair.  Smaller brushes are obviously for shorter hair lengths and larger for longer hair lengths.  However, if you have longer hair and you use a smaller brush, you will get more curl and bounce in your blowout. So if your hair is longer, it’s a good idea to have a few different sizes so that you can create different results should you choose.  We love the Harry Josh Round Brushes for high gloss blowouts.  The bristles grip the hair perfectly for a smooth polish with less frizz.


If your hair is medium to long in length, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to also invest in a Paddle Brush.  Paddle brushes are great for longer and thicker hair because they will give you a perfectly smooth finish.  However, because of their larger size, they can get the job done much quicker than working with a smaller brush.  Paddle Brushes are what you will need if you are styling your hair sleek and straight with little to no volume.  We love the Paddle Brush shown above by Harry Josh.


Next, we suggest investing in some Clips, a Rat Tail Comb, and a Dressing Brush like shown above.

The Clips are a life saver when it comes to sectioning off your hair.  Particularly when you are blowdrying or curling.  This allows you to work on the underneath section without the top getting in the way, giving you much more control.

The Rat Tail Comb is a Must Have Hair Tools To Step Up Your Hair Game.  Trust us,  you will need it for being able to create clean sections in your hair.  It can also be used for back combing your hair.  It is a multi purpose tool that will be well worth the small investment.

The Dressing Brush is one that most would not invest in, but it is probably one of the most important brushes to own.  Why you ask?  Because the dressing brush is the tool you will you use anytime you are wanting to create a very sleek ponytail or hairstyle.  The super condensed bristles allow for a sleek finish in just a couple passes.  All of these are also by Harry Josh.


Hair Pins and Bobby Pins

The next Must Have Hair Tools To Step Up Your Hair Game are Hair Pins and Bobby Pins.  It is always a great idea to have some of these around the house.  You never know when you will need them.  They are capable of doing so much, from pinning bits that don’t quite make it into your ponytail, to clipping bangs out of the way, to securing an updo or chignon.

You may be wondering what are the differences between the two?  Bobby Pins are smooth on one side and rigid on the other.  They are used for updo’s for securing them at the base.  Did you know they go rigid side to the base of the head? Have you been using yours wrong this whole time?  If so, this tip will for sure help you out!  Hair Pins are U Shaped with ridges on each side.  Many women don’t use them because they can’t seem to figure them out.  They are great for securing chignon’s and buns.

To secure them in a chignon, wrap the chignon, then go around the circumference of the chignon and add the hair pins by placing the opening straight down to the scalp, push the opening away from the chignon, and the towards it.  You can find many tutorials on youtube should you need a closer look. Once you have perfected using this pin, you will never live without it because they look more natural in the hair since they are not so tight like a bobby pin.


Hair Dryer

Another Must Have Hair Tools To Step Up Your Hair Game is a Hair Dryer.  Are you one that thinks any dryer will do? We cannot disagree more with this whenever we hear people say it.  Not all hair dryers are created equal.  Investing in a good quality hair dryer is like buying a good mattress.  You think it won’t make a difference until you actually start using it.  Then you quickly see what all of the fuss is about.

How many of you have a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner?  Well Dyson now makes a state of the art hair dryer.  The price tag is definitely an investment but well worth it.  If a Dyson dryer simply is not in your budget, we recommend investing in at least a professional dryer.  What are the biggest benefits you will notice?  Reduced drying time, a smoother finish, and hair that does not become as compromised from over use.  If you currently are not using a professional hair dryer, then this would be one of the first investments we suggest making.


Smoothing Iron

Our next recommendation for Must Have Hair Tools To Step Up Your Hair Game is the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Smoothing Iron.  Most women already own a smoothing iron, but are you still rocking the first generation of irons?  Believe it or not a lot has changed about smoothing irons since their first introduction.  First and foremost, they are now made with better technology to allow for 1 pass through the hair.  This prevents over use and healthier hair in the long run.  Also, newer irons are made with beveled edges so you can actually use the iron to smooth the hair or curl it. Check out you tube for some tutorials on that.

We love this iron, however as long as you are using something professional and more current technology you will be in good hands.


Curling Iron (Tong)

The Curling Iron… This is a staple item all women should have.  We love this particular iron by Harry Josh Hair, because of that fact that the clamp is removable.  Why?  So that you can use it as a tong iron or a wand iron.  How brilliant is that?  You may be wondering what is the difference?  Well, you will get different results curling the hair in different ways.  Used as a wand, you will get looser and more beachy style waves.  As a tong, you can get tighter curls with more volume and bounce.  We also love this iron below:


This is the T3 Interchangeable Styling Wand. This iron is a bit more of an investment, but you get more bang for your buck. It is actually 3 irons that create different curl types in 1.  This also makes it super easy for travel, because you don’t have to actually bring 3 different irons.  Again, if budget is an issue, then our recommendation is to be sure you are using something that is professional quality for better results.


Hot Rollers

Finally, Our last Must Have Hair Tools To Step Up Your Hair Game is Hot Rollers.  These are also made by the brand T3.  They are the T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers.  Hot rollers are a must because they are easy to work with, and allow you to pop them in and get a bunch of other stuff done while they do the work.  They are perfect for freshening up second day hair, and give the effect of a beautiful blowout.  You can even create tighter and more bouncy curls by using the smaller rollers in longer hair.  You may already own hot rollers from years ago, dust them off ladies, because they will make doing your hair much easier.

We love this brand because they are very user friendly, they have a velvet base, which grips the hair and holds the roller in place nicely.  The clamps are much easier to work with than those U shaped things that come with older hot rollers. You know you could never figure those out anyway right?

In conclusion, these are our Must Have Hair Tools To Step Up Your Hair Game instantly.  The timing is perfect because you can add them to your holiday wish list.  If you invest in all or some of these, you will no longer be saying “I wish I could style my hair like my stylist does”.  If you have no idea how to use these tools, no worries, there are tons of tutorials on you tube that will help you out.

Let us know your favorite hair tools in the comments below, and don’t forget to tag us @ilesformula_hair and #ilesformula on social media.

Have a happy and safe holiday season!

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