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My Favourite Moments For This Week

My Favourite Moments For This Week | newheart1 e13933485146182

What a week ! It started with a day around Paris, shooting for French Vogue. What I can tell you from that shoot is that RED is definitely “IN” for  next winter. Red coats, red bags, red boots, red shoes, it’s all about red !

The week ended in London on Saturday with my daughter and I celebrating French Mothers’ Day together. We visited the Chelsea Flower Show where I met  florist Juliet Glaves  who makes bouquets from handpicked garden flowers, just like I love. The day ended up with a wonderful evening at the London Royal Opera House watching 3 magnificent ballets. If you love ballet, click on this link and book, it is a MUST SEE.

My Favourite Moments For This Week | Screen Shot 2014 05 25 at 19.26.531

In between of all this was my private jet trip with Cheryl Cole. We started with Cannes Film Festival, staying at the Hotel Martinez where all the L’Oréal egeries and most of Hollywood stars stayed. I kept crossing Eva Longoria, Jane Fonda, Sharone Stone, Blake Lively, Julianne Moore (and the list goes on…) in the corridors and  at the restaurant of the hotel.

I was happy to be contracted by L’Oreal Paris UK  just to take care of their égerie Cheryl.  The selfie of our crew  shows it wasn’t all work but some fun too! After 3 nights of Gala events, we flew with Cheryl’s private jet to London where we filmed her new Elnett commercial. This was a beautiful shoot for me as it was all about hair. There are some iconic “Cheryl” Hairdo’s coming up soon !

Next week I have a shooting with Kate Hudson and more days with Cheryl Cole. So stay tuned !

My Favourite Moments For This Week | Screen Shot 2014 05 25 at 19.18.21

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