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Starting with the Stars

A fun way to start my year with a business trip to Beverly Hills. Departing the cold,rainy, grey days of  Paris arriving to a picture perfect Beverly Hills climate. No wonder the gardens are all spectacular, vivid green and film set perfect,the weather here is phenomenal.

 Between business meetings I had time to stroll Rodeo drive, where I discovered a great paper shop “Paper Source” on Brighton Way stocking up on interesting cards and gift paper.
 I shared a fun moment with old friends at Ado an Italian restaurant at Venice Beach, an unassuming little yellow cottage with candlelight tables and staff that treat everyone as an old friend. The menu was just as it is on their website. I had 18 month black label Prociutto di Parma and melt in your mouth Burrata, followed by home-made white wine rabbit ragu with porcini mushrooms and prunes. A “delice”, not to mention excellent wine and a melt in your mouth desert which was just enough sweetness that I was still thinking about it at  breakfast next morning.
From Beverly Hills I caught  the “red eye” flight to New York for 2 days, great to be back in Tribecca, squeezing in  several more meetings and managing a bistro lunch at “Balthazar ” Soho with my dearest friend, decorator Bibi Monnahan before flying home to Paris for the weekend.
 Monday I’m off to Poland for a weeks filming in Warsaw, hopefully there will be something interesting to write to you about from there.
Starting with the Stars | Screen Shot 2013 01 13 a03.13.293 e1358085906587
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