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New Hairstyles for 2020 (Part 1): Short Hair Cuts for Women

Under the current situation surrounding COVID-19 with the recommended social distancing, it gives us an opportunity to experience a simpler life, as well as relax and spend more time with our loved ones at home. It is also a good time for us to pamper ourselves, particularly our hair for which many of us may have been too busy to care. This year, the hair trend will revolve around simplicity with a focus on nurtured hair, so taking the time to nourish your hair will pay off.

After years of the long, sexy big beach waves trend, the hair trend of this decade, 2020, has undergone drastic changes. In the past years, every woman seemed to rock in the fizzy beach waves, a hairstyle that was unbelievably popular as it not only looked effortlessly chic but was also a bold and flowing style with minimum maintenance. From this year onward, we are redefining what a bold and flowing style is, which looks just as effortless and low maintenance but unconventionally chic. 


Let’s keep up with the trend and unveil the new hairstyles for 2020.  


70’s – Rock with Retro style 

1970’s style is huge this year. You can see the 70’s spirit in different runways of different designer brands, whether it’s on short hair or long hair. Short hairstyles always wondrously sound more interesting and exciting for women regardless of their actual hair length, and so let’s first dive into the 2020 short hairstyles with the 70’s spirit in this journey (stay tuned for the 2020 long hairstyles next week). 

  1. Curly Short Hair With Bangs 

Bouchra Jarrar gives a perfect sample of the trendy 70’s retro style. Pairing with her amazing, minimal couture that has everything on point, the curly short haircut with bangs on the models changes the entire look.

This runway hairstyle is definitely a chic and perfect day-to-day Parisian style and easily helps you look stunning in an outfit that’s as simple as wearing a white shirt and a nice cut black trousers with a basic accessory such as a belt or two-tone scarf. 

Curly Short Hair With Bangs 2 Bouchra Jarrar –  Photo: Alessandro Lucioni / Gorunway.com 

The  eye-catching Julie de Libran version gives a bit more rebel and wild vibe to the short hair with bangs, which perfectly balances out the formal suit to achieve a more dynamic and interesting look. 

The seventies-style bangs are wonderful on straight or curly hair giving a sense of mystery to the eyes.  Treat curls with Iles Formula Curl Revive, this formula was developed to honor all kinds of curls … natural or homemade.

Curly Short Hair With BangsInstagram / @TOMMY_BUCKETT 

2. Seventies-style bangs 

Here are some more examples of the seventies-style bangs – an alternative of curly bangs is the curtain bangs or chin bangs. Remember how amazing Selena Gomez looked with her new 70’s-vintage-style bangs when she showed up in London?

Seventies-style bangs - Selena gomezSelena Gomez – Photo: Getty Images

New Hairstyles for 2020 (Part 1): Short Hair Cuts for Women | haris 4

Seventies-style bangs - Curtain bangs - Haley BennettHaley Bennett– Photo on Pinterest 


More 2020 short hairstyles that are not 70’s inspired? 

Sure, there are. Short hair is huge in 2020! Ultra-long extended hair locks are almost long gone now. In addition to the 70’s inspired curl short hair mentioned above, the tomboyish bob cut and vintage-looking boyish short hair are other highlights of the year. 

If you have noticed the parting in all the runways photos, central parting is one of the highlights for a retro 2020 look.

3. The tomboyish bob cut 

2020 short hairstyles - tomboyish bob cutDéfilé Givenchy printemps-été 2020 – Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images 


4. Vintage-Looking Boyish short hair 

If you are willing to go even shorter, you can try these vintage- inspired short haircuts for women. Let’s look at the pictures of runways of Jean Paul Gaultier and Julie de Libran.

2020 short hairstyles - feminine - tomboyish hair cut - vintage looking - vintage haircut - retro style - retro hairstylesJean Paul Gaultier – Photo: Alessandro Lucioni / Gorunway.com 

2020 short hairstyles - tomboyish hair cut - vintage looking - vintage haircut - retro style - retro hairstyles - shorthairJulie de Libran – Photo: Filippo Fior / Gorunway.com 


We are excited about the new hairstyles for 2020, as it involves many retro elements that bring us back to the good old days. Let’s carry the 70’s spirit not only with the hairstyles but also with our lifestyles. 

On Thursday next week, we will continue this topic of new hairstyles for 2020 and show you the long hairstyles in 2020. Stay tuned! 😉 

We hope you love them so far! Please share with us which one you like the most and comment on @ilesformula_hair and tag us #ilesformula. 

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