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New Years Eve Updo’s Worth Trying

The celebrations continue as we make our way into the final festivity of the season, New Years Eve.  It’s time to say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017.  What are your plans for New Years Eve?  Are you watching the action from the comforts of your home while sipping your favorite beverage, or do you have big plans where you will be getting all dressed up?  If your dressing up, we have got you covered when it comes to your hair with these New Years Eve Updo’s Worth Trying.

Here are 3 different Updo’s and a step by step guide to recreating these looks at home.

new-years-eve-updo's-worth-trying                                                                                       Photo Source:  Pinterest

Updo With A Twist

The first of our New Years Eve Updo’s Worth Trying is the Updo With A Twist.  The steps for this style are very simple, but make a big impact.  Before we start, lets see what hair supplies and products you will need:


1./  To begin, use your favorite smoothing iron to smooth and polish your hair.

2./  Use a bit of Iles Formula Finishing Serum, to create spun silk hair and add the control you need to section and wrap this style.

3./  Section your hair into two sections, one in the center back and one just to the right of that.

4./  Next, secure the side section with an elastic very close to the center ponytail.

5./  Combine the two ponytails together at the base of the center ponytail and secure them together with an elastic.

6./  Add 4 more elastics in the color of your choice leaving an inch or two of space between each elastic.

7./  Loop the combined sections down and around to follow the pattern above, and then secure the last elastic to the center elastic at the top using a bobby pin.  Try the hide the pins as much as possible and also tuck the ends under.

That literally is it.  It looks more complicated than it is, which is what makes it so special!


Photo Source:  beautyhigh.com

Criss Cross Ponytail

The next New Years Eve Updo’s Worth Trying, is this Criss Cross Ponytail.  How fun is this easy to do style?  The tools and supplies you will need are the same as above.  If this style looks like a fave for you, then follow the steps below.

1./  Start out by smoothing your hair with your favorite iron.

2./  Use some Iles Formula Finishing Serum to add control while styling.

3./  Using your rat tail comb, section out two 1 and a half inch sections on each side of your head just above the ear.

4./  Next, use your dressing brush to secure a low sleek ponytail with an elastic,  in the center back of your head, leaving out the side sections.

5./  Finally, take the right section you isolated and direct it back and around the ponytail and secure it underneath with a bobby pin.

6./  Follow the same step with the left section, crossing it over the center and securing it underneath with a bobby pin.

That is all there is to it.  Another modern, fun, yet easy to do hairstyle to have you looking super stylish this New Years Eve.


Photo Source:  Today.com

Braided Updo With Accessories

The final look is this Braided Updo With A Perfect Accessory.  The tools and supplies you will need are the same as above, in addition to a beautiful leaf hair clip.  Don’t have a leave hair clip, not to worry, any hair clip will do.


1./  If you prefer a smoother finish, start out by smoothing your hair with your favorite iron.  You can also go with the natural texture of your hair, which is also very lovely.

2./  Use a bit of Iles Formula Finishing Serum to provide the control you will need for the hair while braiding.

3./  Using the rat tail comb, section your hair into two sections right down the center back.  So you will have a left section and a right section.

4./  Create a three strand braid on both sections and secure at the bottom of the braid with an elastic.

5./  Once you have braided both sections, organize the braids and pin with bobby pins, placing the left section towards the bottom, and the right section on top.

6./  Be sure to tuck the ends in so that the ends and elastics are not visible.

7./  Pin randomly around the braid to ensure it is secure.

8./  Once the braid is secure, place the leaf hair clip on the top of the braid for the final detail.

There it is, another easy to do New Years Eve Updo that will look like you spent hours creating.  If you find that you just don’t even have it in you to do the above updo’s, the easiest option of all is just to wrap a 1 and a half inch ribbon bow around any ponytail.  To Keep the style modern, keep the ears covered with your hair.



Photo Source:  Pinterest

In conclusion, we hope you like these quick and easy New Years Eve Updo’s.  Which one are you planning to try?  Share with us you favorites in the comments below and don’t forget to tag us at #ilesfurmula @ilesformula_hair to show us your versions of this festive styles.

We hope you have a safe and happy holiday season and thank you for your love.  See you in 2017!

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