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No, I’m not a travel agent…just a very busy hairdresser.

So leaving Santiago with regrets I went straight to Hamburg in Germany to work with a very fidel client. I must have caught a terrible flu changing planes and destinations, therefore had a difficult time keeping up with the long hours of shooting. Thanks to a good doctor in Hamburg (bless him) I got back in full form to fly to Shanghai.

There I got to  work in a studio situated off one of those rare streets which kept the charm of old Shanghai. These streets are disappearing very quickly, being replaced with modern glass office towers. In these newer areas of Shanghai one almost forgets that its China. Modern asian cities start to look like shopping centers, all the same. Maybe it’s my country side education which makes me feel that way.

Speaking about Shanghai the highlight was to work with Justin Cooper.

I grew up in Tasmania. That’s a small little paradise  way south, being the island state of Australia, so small it’s often forgotten from maps of the big Australian picture.

Being the only Tasmanian in the fashion business in Paris bought me the news  very quickly from colleagues that another Tasmanian had hit Paris, photographer Justin Cooper. I was very curious to meet Justin and couldn’t believe when I discovered we grew up 40 minutes away from each other on the North West Coast. Somehow an instant bonding occurred…Not many people in Paris, NY, or any place really know of Latrobe – Tasmania. This was an unbelievable feeling.

Since meeting we have done some very  iconic hair projects together around the world, here is one of them for L’Oréal.

No, I'm not a travel agent…just a very busy hairdresser. | 2 e1360347862452

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