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Best Hair & Hair Accessory Ideas at NYFW 2020

It’s that crazy time, when the Oscars ceremony, after parties and New York fashion week all come within the same week!

We had to make the best choice as to what insights to bring you, and we know you can’t wait to see the most interesting hair looks and hair accessories of NYFW 2020.

Looking back at the beautiful Paris Fashion week, the cherry on the cake then was the Jean-Paul Gauthier finale show and the apple at the New York Fashion Week this year was the Marc Jacobs show.

A spectacular show with 54 dancers performing under the direction of star choreographer Karole Armitage and “88 models in an extravaganza so exquisitely audacious and compelling and masterful that it’s a shame it was one night only,” said fashion’s formidable critic Bridget Foley for WWD. Hairstyles and hair accessories were in abundance and so on point. 

It’s been quite some time since we have seen so many hair accessories in the form of interesting hats, scarves, and veils. Hair was mostly lustrous and very creative. Scroll down to see which ones are our favorites. 


Creative and fun. The carefree, bohemian locks work beautifully with the designer’s signature maxi dresses.  

Anna Sui        


Maestra Herrera’s classic style may appear deceptively simple but we absolutely loved this show. How could you not, with gorgeous healthy hair texture in a timeless low ponytail.

The balance of the smaller, close-to-the-head styles with the elegant A-line shapes was perfect. 

If you are searching for a product that delivers this silk shine and luster, our Iles Formula Finishing Serum is the one for you. 


The cutest cashmere scarves, extravaganza hairpieces, and every hairstyle imaginable. We particularly loved the array of hair accessories on display. The more the merrier! 


Sheer sweetness in the form of the bonnets and we just loved the super versatile half-up half-down hairstyle with its sumptuous lustrous texture. Super youthful and perfect against the beautiful yet playful fashion looks! 


This was the show that stood apart from the rest with the special, nicely sculptured gelled wet look. The whole look was empowering and androgynous, and so impactful. 


More headdresses in the form of a simple net. This could be quite extraordinary as a new style of veil for young brides. 2020 bridal goals anyone? 

All images were sourced from Pinterest, Vogue, and WWD.


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