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Oscars 2020: The Do’s and Don’ts for Red Carpet Hair

Oscars Night finally arrived! And Congrats to all Oscars winners!

Last night, Hollywood was simply abuzz with Oscar party fever. Celebrities and stars were attending one of the several parties providing dinner and viewing of the Oscars. The Elton John’s Oscar Party and Vanity Fair Oscar Party are two favorites. After multiple rounds of awards ceremonies, nominees’ luncheons and dinners, and months of preparation, the world’s top celebrities, and their prestigious teams worked extra hard to get each minute detail just right for each red carpet look at the numerous star-studded events surrounding Oscars Night 2020. 

Read on for our insider tips by the hairstylist to the stars, our founder Ms. Wendy Iles herself, as we break down the do’s and dont’s off red carpet hair.

The difference between styling a celebrity for the red carpet and a fashion runway is that a celebrity’s hair is a key part of herself and the star’s image, with each year’s Oscars look becoming part of that year’s Oscars style montage, to be replayed over and over in style reviews.

As a result, a successful Oscars hair look should reflect the style of the actress or A-lister herself and evoke a timelessness and Hollywood glamour (see Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron as two style chameleons who always strike the perfect balance between elegance and fashion.

It’s often the celebritys own decision that determines the style elements that she wants to reference or convey at the eventand it’s up to her team to provide her with professional advice that can often save the day from fashion faux pas, or a nasty remark from the critics.

In contrast, a fashion runway look can be as avant-garde as it gets, revolving 100% around the designer’s vision and the fashion piece itself. 

No one wants to end up as a meme as the “style disaster of the year, or worse, land a spot on the “worst Oscars look of all time”! 

Some Golden Rules on Red Carpet Hair. 


1.Neckline, Shoulder lines and the Overall Shape & Balance

The gown itself gives us clues as to the overall look as well as how to style the hair to achieve that look. Both the neckline and the overall shape and balance of the gown are important factors in helping the team decide on the winning hairstyle. If it’s a gown with an expansive silhouette (think Rihanna in that fur-trimmed yellow gold dragon-embossed gown for the Met Ball,princess ballgown, or mermaid gown, much beloved by the aforementioned always stylish Charlize Theron), often a smaller” hairstyle styled close to the head is most appropriate and will make the wearer appear more elegant and swan-like amongst all that fabric.

Shoulder lines should also be considered, whether they work with free-flowing hair, or if the gown requires a naked neck to balance out the shape. A good professional knows that these are all questions that they should address before deciding on the right hairstyle.


2. Quick Change of hair between events and parties

After the first look is set, we should determine whether there is a need for a follow-up look for a second red carpet event for the same evening. If so it’s best to choose a style that will easily accommodate a quick change from event A to event B.


3. Show the true beauty of hair

Avoid using hairspray or any styling product that will block the hairs memory. This is the first sin on the red carpet as one can easily detect stiffness in the hair through a photo and this just ages the style. If an asymmetric look is required, such as the much-beloved Hollywood waves cascading down one side, it’s best to find out ahead of time to prepare for the side which is the most favored camera side of the actress. The favored side would be the hair styled away from the face allowing the cascade of hair to cover the less favored side. You can be sure they know exactly what side is best on film and in a photo.


4. Jewelry pieces

These are elements that a hairstyle may be in competition with or be able to complement. When it comes to earrings and necklaces, you need to see what you are working with – the weight of the metal could play as much of a factor as the style itself.

Do the earrings need to show in photos? Will the hair get tangled in the much-favored diamond droplet earrings? Or long glamorous curls knotted up amidst a long diamond necklace – these are all valid and important questions to answer before making a final decision together on the look.

Find out in advance,rule out risky options for the star and discuss good alternatives with them to achieve the look they want – that’s what a professional is there forUltimately, the star is the wearer of the style for the night and they want to look and feel good all night, without having to worry about their hair falling out of place or melting into a messy knot amidst all the strong red carpet lights!

So let’s look at the celebrity and star hair examples!

 Celebrity hairdressers like our founder Wendy Iles rarely touch a head of hair without their trusted Iles Formula Finishing Serum or the Iles Formula Signature Collection. When heated, the Iles serum is activated and has the power to transform hair that feels like straw into sumptuous silk. 

Indeed, the Iles serum, in particular, is phenomenal under camera flashes, the shine looks so expensive and luxe because of the rare ingredients which attract light. We must also mention that this jewel of a product delivers protection against heat and humidity without ever weighing the hair down.

Take a look at some of the celebrity posts and their muses sporting luscious Iles Formula locks. Note that unbeatable lustre and the unmissable thread of our signature soft, sumptuous hair on your favourite stars.



Kenna with his muse Gigi Hadid and her Iles Formula locks.


Lorenzo Martin with Nicole Kidman and her Iles Formula locks.


Jennifer Lopez and her luscious Iles locks coiffed by our founder Wendy Iles.



Heidi klum and Naomi Campbell,  Iles luster in abundance.



Cameron Diaz coiffed by Corey Powell of Benjamin Salon Hollywood, great supporters of Iles Formula.

Oscars 2020: The Do’s and Don’ts for Red Carpet Hair | Screen Shot 2020 02 14 at 7.41.44 PM e1581705816306

Megan Fox  with her Iles locks by Christopher Pierce of Andy Lecompte Salon



Izabel Goulart and her unforgettable Iles Formula locks coiffed by our founder Wendy Iles



Celebrity colorist Victoria Hunter of Whittemore House Salon in NY introduced Beyonce to the Iles signature lustre.

The list is endless, we can’t feature them all  Royals included but we sincerely hope that you enjoyed this sneak peek into the who’s who in the exclusive world of avid Iles Formula fans as well as the “Dos and Don’ts for Red Carpet Hair”. We can’t wait to share more with you next time! Read more of our insights in our blogs and enjoy more advice from our founder related to hairstyling or hair care!!

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