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The OSCARS Hair : when they get it right

It’s award season as I’m winding up my own stay in Los Angeles after receiving my own Oscar for best hair styling last Sunday at the Hollywood Beauty Awards. I felt this blog should be about what makes a great Academy Award hair. Often the stars are perfectly dressed and their hairdo’s don’t follow through. So much goes into the preparation. I’m working with one celebrity this week who is preparing her choice of dress, shoes, makeup and hair …. It’s all very precise and exact.

Oscars hair

Some do it better than others. Jennifer Lopez always gets it right. There is an easiness to her hair, even when structured, that keeps her style modern. It’s not about elaborated hair necessarily, see how she makes an effortless ponytail work with couture.

oscars hair

Naomi Watts’ “up do” stays modern and fresh due to the spontaneity and freedom in her hair texture. Hairspray is a killer, it freezes a style and makes the hair style look dated.

oscars hair

Diane Kruger used braids to dress up her simple hairstyle. It was the perfect touch with her black lace gown at the 2014 Oscars. Her hair is very fine textured so this style was perfect concentrating on spun silk texture rather than volume which would be totally unsuitable for her hair.

oscars hair

Marion Cotillard looked stunning to receive her Academy Award. A side swept always adds sophistication and glamour.

oscars hair

Angelina Jolie has always gotten it right from sophisticated chignons to volume on top. Her hair always maintains the look of  glamorous yet touchable.

oscars hair
Cate Blanchett rarely gets it wrong. This is one of  my favorite classic looks on her.
oscars hair

Charlize Theron gets it right too, especially when it comes to Hollywood waves.

oscars hair

Share your thoughts with me “What actress wore your favorite Oscars hair style over the past decade ? “

Read more about history’s most iconic Oscar hairstyles throughout the decades.

Stay tuned tomorrow Sunday is the big Academy Award night. Tell me your favorite oscars hair style of this year.

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