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Paris Couture week…Hair best of.

The Paris couture shows have been in full swing. There was not a lot in outstanding haute couture hair. However, when dealing with couture it’s more modern if the hair is left more natural in style, less overdone, especially with very structured couture. The  most wearable hair accessories were from Versace. Such as a sweet garland of silk and tiny pearls, creating a “boho chic” touch to the otherwise super sexy couture.

Giambatistta Valli opted for simple raw ponytails, but gave an edge to the hair by adding a splash of color spray to the front sections as if a veiled accessory had been added. My preference was the orange transforming the model into an Irish red.


Chanel couture had a graphic edge easily achieved by tucking away all the long locks of the model’s own hair and placing little graphic bobs on top. The haute couture hair idea was a good one. Once all the models were grouped together on the catwalk it looked very effective.



The best venue without doubt was the Dior show, which was set on the historic grounds of the Rodin Museum. Rodin placed his works in a natural garden setting along with antiques from his personal collections. These were his inspiration as he famously said “Nature and Antiquity are the two great sources of life for an artist. In any event, Antiquity implies nature. It is its truth and its smile”. Dior’s Raf Simons captured this spirit perfectly, which he combined Dior’s “femmes fleurs” with the raw scaffolding and transparent panels reflected in a modernist pointillist church.

Dior’s Garden of Earthly Delights theme harkened back to the famous work by Flemish painter Hieronymus Bosch, which symbolizes man’s place in nature. Among those in attendance, Nupita Nyong’o told the Associated Press, “It’s so incredible. I think I need to take a moment!” The only criticism heard was the guests burning up under Paris’s exceptionally hot summer.


The most spectacular moment in my mind was John Galliano for Maison Margiela. He dressed a trio of men as woman and the transformation was sheer genius.

#Margiela by #JohnGaliano were by far the most creative heads. There was easiness to the hair where the structured hair pieces were used more like an accessory rather than hair do.

Eugene Souleiman excelled as usual with his handcrafted accessory work of bobby pins on chopped textured wigs.




Couture treated as art, vice vera. Viktor & Rolf gave the title of “Wearable Art.” John Galliano for Magiela also touched on the art theme but  in his usual raw edgy way.

If I were to wear couture I’d probably opt for the classic, and you?


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