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Paris Haute Couture (F/W14/15) – Finale

Paris Haute Couture (F/W14/15) - Finale | photo e1405082433515

Paris Haute Couture Week has come to a close. It’s a less stressed week for couture than it is for prêt-à-porter as there are less shows these days. As each year passes it seems a house disappears from the scene. Never the less there is still a need for couture and the old traditional houses never let us down.

A beautiful picture of Anja Rubik and Stella Tennant in Versace Couture. I quite love the gowns of this house as they often show a leg and more skin than other designers; It’s definitely the trademark look of Versace. It is very popular on the red carpet.

I noticed a lot of white this year especially with Dior and Chanel. I worked very closely with the Chanel gowns hours after they were presented, the collection is spectacular. The base of most of the Chanel couture is made from the fabric we make wet suits from ! Yes, it’s that rubbery texture believe it or not ! What is fantastic is the form it holds.  The beaded jewel work and golden thread all hand sewn of course, plummeted this fabric to Haute Couture status. The hair was a throwback from the 80’s between soft punk and rock with small caps perched upside down on the back of the heads. I’m still making up my mind if I liked it or not, I just don’t find the connection. I loved the flat strapped sandals, check them out on this backstage image of Kendall Jenner (from The Kardashian fame) making her debut into couture.

Paris Haute Couture (F/W14/15) - Finale | chanel 2967582a e1405087844178

Dior equally showed a lot of white with groomed simple hair. I liked this much better.

Giambattista Valli stood out with his collection of pop colors. Hair was simply swept off the face with a rather unflattering floppy ribbon tied around the heads. I wasn’t a fan of that, but the dresses were pretty.

Lebanese designer George Hobeika took my attention with his range of Haute couture for children. I’m sure there are some lucky children somewhere out there that will be wearing his designs.

I enjoyed working this week with several pieces for fashion editorials and know that I’ll be back in contact with some of these gowns once owned by some of my clients in countries like China, USA,  Saudia Arabia and Russia.


Paris Haute Couture (F/W14/15) - Finale | Screen Shot 2014 07 11 at 14.25.01 e1405081553198

Paris Haute Couture (F/W14/15) - Finale | Screen Shot 2014 07 11 at 15.20.32 e1405084894815

Paris Haute Couture (F/W14/15) - Finale | photo 1 copy 2 e1405081635318

Paris Haute Couture (F/W14/15) - Finale | photo 1 e1405081715988

Paris Haute Couture (F/W14/15) - Finale | photo 4 e1405081836356

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