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Q&A Session : Questions Answered

@K8erichard  What are your best tips for growing out short hair ?

I find it best when growing out hair to actually tie it away if the length allows until the growing is done. You can always try head bands or even braids. Braids are in and are a great way to keep the messy front pieces around the face organized until the length is where you want it to be. You do need to keep check on the ends that they are not splitting, so have a little trim every 8 weeks by a hairdresser you can trust who will just remove the ends and not cut off your length. Good luck, it’s so fun to have long hair. Take a look at my blog article a few weeks ago, some braid ideas that may help http://bit.ly/1Bnis6S

@farisamagazieva How do I get straight hair except from using hair straighteners ?

There are excellent salon treatments known as Brazilian blow out or keratin complex treatments. They need to be done professionally but really do leave the hair healthy and smooth.

@xrebeccaxfv and @wrtalist  When I curl my hair it always stays perfect on one side and flattens so quickly on the other. How do I prevent that from happening ?

The simple reason is that depending if we are left or right handed we tend to always accomplish rolling one side more easily and more perfectly than the other. Take a check next time when you curl, that the curl is sitting the same way as the side that always stays. Make both sides almost identical if you can while it’s cooking ( until hair gets cold ). It may be on the problem side you have too much drag on the root area so therefore you loose volume very quickly. If this is not the case try adding some styling mousse to the side that drops.

@queencsoldiers What’s your favorite hair look you have done on Cheryl ?

I will post for you on Instagram @wendyiles and twitter @ileswendy my favorite hair look that I did on #Cheryl this coming Thursday as #TBT , stay tuned !

@courtneymckeanx My hair becomes greasy within one day of washing it. What can I use to stop my hair getting greasy ?

It could easily be your age or hormone change. Firstly I’d suggest changing your shampoo as obviously it’s not helping. Some Grandma tricks that work are placing the shampoo directly onto dry hair first, let sit 30 seconds then add the water to make a foam. Another trick is to rinse with cool water to close down the sebaceous glands which secrete the oil. If you have rosemary herb in the garden, you can mix up an infusion of one pint of water and a handful of rosemary twigs, let the infusion boil for 5 minutes then allow to cool. Use this as a final scalp rinse. Works like an astringent on the oil glands and gives a lovely shine to the hair.

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