Rainbow Colors

I’m getting more and more editorial jobs asking me for colored hair. What are your thoughts ? Have you taken the plunge yet ?

I know this trend first re began about a year ago, but it just seems to become more and more popular. I prefer the softer hues of the pastel colors especially on blondes like this soft pink image above shot by Camilla Akrans and the rainbow hue of pink and green is also pretty cool. Green is normally a difficult color to wear but this tone of mint that I’ve featured seems to work well, especially with blue or green eyes. For pastels, the colors work best on bleached hair.

The best colors I found are from  Crazy Color however the bottles are not very big, so you need to mix up a quantity of about 4 bottles for one head of long hair. I always do a strand test first to check out the density of color I want.  Every head reacts differently, and the color will vary in intensity depending on how long it’s left on the hair to process.

These colors do tend to stain, so be careful with damp hair.

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