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Retrospective on Isabella Blow

Retrospective on Isabella Blow | museum

Bittersweet , that is the Isabella Blow’s story !

Isabella was an eccentric english magazine editor who ended up her life tragically in 2007 . She was the muse of Philip Treacy  exposing his hats to great media attention and  who discovered, amongst others, top models Stella Tennant  and Sophie Dahl  and was responsible for bringing  attention and recognition to Alexander McQueen.

If you are passionate about fashion or a fashion professional, this is a “MUST SEE” exhibition at Somerset House in London . ON until March 2nd , so hurry up !

I first met Isabella Blow while working with the famed photographer Zanna at The Ragged School some years ago. The photo i am featuring below was captured by Zanna upon Isabella’s request .

Retrospective on Isabella Blow | isabellablow1


She is  wearing a crystal dress designed by Mr.Pearl . I placed a mauve wig on her ,which just seemed the right move to make with that  amazing dress of hand sewn crystals. I am happy that my hairstyle was featured as Isabella went hatless which was a rarity for her .

Im so proud to have been part of creating this vivid portrait of Isabella, which is today one of my favourite pictures ever taken of Issy.

The Lucky Ladies exhibition was one of  Zanna’s latest projects, it took part of the British Photo Art Fair in London. The couture series for  Dior 60 years, which was held in  in Moscow Museum of Modern Art, was also one of her latest exhibitions .

To have worked alongside both Isabella and Zanna gives me great pride and honour.

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