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It’s a great satisfaction to have a perfectly efficient day. When I say “a day” I mean 24 hours of course. Here is an example of how it is when traveling with Heidi Klum. We flew overnight from LA to London to go straight to the studio for a photo shoot with Rankin.

Heidi and Rankin work so well together, we had numerous covers shot within no time  getting us to our hotel, Soho Hotel, for an early dinner. I was especially pleased as my daughter is now studying in London so I had some fun with her that evening.

The above detached hair was done for 2 TV spots we did for a makeup brand Heidi endorses. I added soft wind in the commercial to open up her face and show off her makeup. The chignon was for a day of press interviews.I braided the chignon in 2 sections and then entwined them to create this woven effect to the bun. The hair stayed perfectly all day .

Next week we are working together on a hair commercial back in Los Angeles .

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