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Scalp Care that Leads to Better Hair


There’s nothing worse than getting all dressed up for a big night out and your hair won’t cooperate. Your skin is glowing, your smoky eye came out sizzling hot, and your outfit is on point. But you’ve got some kind of frizz going on, your hair’s looking dry and brittle and no amount of flat ironing is helping that one section lay smooth.

If you can relate, and we probably all can, then it may not be a hair problem your struggling with. It might be a skin problem.

“But my skin is glowing!” you’re thinking.

Not that skin, Beautiful. We mean your scalp.

The scalp is like skin – everywhere else on your body, but chances are, you’ve paid little attention to its needs. Don’t feel bad though. It’s likely you’ve never heard you should! From the time we’re young, we buy drugstore shampoo with heavy scents, formulated to ‘fix’ our hair problems.

But here’s a secret those cheap shampoo brands won’t tell you. You weren’t born with hair problems!

In fact, you were born with beautiful hair! And it’s likely their shampoos, conditioners, and hair products are what’s causing your issues by coating your scalp in chemicals, toxins, perfumes, and dyes.

The more these products build up on your scalp, the more damaged your follicles become leading to oil production changes, blocked, damaged, or stressed follicles, and hair that you don’t exactly love. Proper scalp care leads to better hair.

Can I fix my damaged hair?

The great news is YES! You absolutely can! High-end MedSpas like Novuskin that have been focused on facials are beginning to see how scalp care can affect your hair as well as the skin on your face. And as a bonus perk, proper scalp care leads to beautiful, natural hair that doesn’t need as many styling products.

Where do I begin?

Scalp care begins by considering what concerns you have with your hair and deciding how the scalp may be contributing to that. For almost all of us, that means we need to nourish the scalp with products that don’t clog pores or follicles, help regulate healthy oil production, and protect the hair as well.

Iles Formula is focused on getting you the hair you want by restoring your scalp and hair to its healthiest, natural state. If you’re having more bad hair days than you care to admit, here are 3 products that can finally give you the hair of your dreams.

Three Products that Lead to a Healthy Scalp

1. Iles Formula Signature Shampoo

The Iles Formula Signature Collection is a basic haircare line that’s anything but ordinary. This beautifully packaged box set includes Iles Formula Shampoo, Conditioner, Finishing Serum, and a Conditioner Distribution Comb. While each of these products is special and can help you have the luxurious hair you crave, the shampoo can particularly provide the scalp care you need.

What’s truly special about Iles Formula Signature Shampoo is what’s not in it. It’s known to be:

  • Free of sulfates
  • Free of parabens
  • Free of benzophenones
  • Free of silicon


Iles Formula Shampoo

Do the ingredients in my shampoo really matter?
While many companies say there are no dangers or issues with these additives, we disagree. Here’s how additives can affect your scalp and ultimately, your hair.

Sulfates are chemicals that help shampoo lather up but can irritate the scalp. Instead, Iles adds a vegetable root that has a fizzing effect to help rinse away dirt and oil.

Parabens can cause a number of problems for your hair and scalp. They cause scalp dryness, can be irritating (which can lead to excess oil production), fade your color or leave your hair dull, and contribute to hair loss.

Benzophenones cause scalp irritation, premature scalp aging, and even cancer.

So yes, it matters what chemicals are in your shampoo. In each case, there are safe, natural ingredients that do the same functions even better than the harsh chemicals. So why don’t drugstore brands use better ingredients?

You may have guessed it: The cost.

Of course, all-natural products come with a higher price tag than synthetics. However, it’s likely, in the long run, better shampoos and conditioners lead to less need for styling products like leave-in conditioners, hair sprays, styling balms, and dry shampoo. Couple this with less time spent using straighteners and stylers and the cost might come out in the wash – no pun intended.

2. Iles Formula Signature Conditioner

Drugstore brands sell conditioners for every possible hair issue: for added body, for straight hair, for curly hair, for frizzy or dry hair, and the list goes on. But the truth is, no matter the state of your hair, we all need similar hair nourishment to give us the hair we want.


Iles Formula Conditioner

What makes Iles Formula Conditioner so special?
It’s perfect pH balanced to condition remarkably well without leaving any residual build-up on the scalp or hair shaft. Other conditioners leave a heavy residue that clogs pores, adding to follicle damage, and will coat hair with a residue of keratin or protein that over time will have a contre-effect and can provoke breakage.

Natural seed oils offer incredible shine and a silky feel without the need for synthetics. More importantly, they help prevent hair loss.

Vitamin E nourishes the scalp to keep it healthy and encourages healthy hair growth.

Vitamin B5 offers moisture to the shaft of every strand in a way drugstore brands can’t match. This hydration leaves each hair pliable and weightless for a full, bouncy look and strands that don’t easily break.

Polyphenols are found in many plant-based foods and help combat free radicals. They saturate the hair strands in fatty acids to plump up every hair type and coat each strand in moisture. Amazingly, this added moisture is incredibly light.

The Iles Formula Conditioner is truly remarkable. It’s an instant fix for dryness or damage and dissolves frizzies immediately. Savvy stylists know this trick, so this conditioner is often used as an insurance policy. It works on every hair type so no matter the condition of the hair, this absolutely will deliver the hydrated, bouncy, soft look everyone wants and everyone speaks about….read the reviews!

The Iles Formula Conditioner is impressively effective. But it’s no trick or short-lived effect. It delivers nourishment to the hair and scalp that you can see on every single strand. Use every time you wash to keep your scalp healthy.

3. Iles Formula Haute Performance Hair Mask

It’s called a hair mask, but the reality is, it’s as beneficial for the scalp as it is for your locks. This is because it’s full of expensive, natural, and healthy ingredients that add nourishment to your follicles and pores.


Iles Formula Hair Mask

When you apply the Iles Formula Hair Mask, you want to be sure you coat the entire scalp. The mask is full of emollients and natural ingredients that aid in the nourishment and protection of the scalp and can repair damaged pores and skin.

The scalp, like the rest of our body, needs what is called a skin barrier. This outermost layer of our skin is made up of cells that make a brick wall-like seal that protects our body from environmental factors. When we use harsh chemicals or detergents on our skin, we damage the barrier, especially if we unnecessarily strip away natural sebum. 

The Iles Formula Hair Mask contains Macroloba Seed Oil, known for its ability to help repair the skin barrier. It contains fatty acids that help restore and balance the skin’s natural oils. For a healthy scalp, this is imperative, and something synthetic products and drugstore conditioners cannot do.

This mask is fortified with Vitamin E to help hair grow, Vitamin B5 to fully moisturize and strengthen thin strands, and other ingredients that add shine and a lightweight bounce.

If you want spectacular hair, focus first on scalp care. Products that nurture the skin will eventually help you have strong, healthy hair that grows shines, and has phenomenal bounce and texture.

These 3 formulas are available in a gorgeous vegan pack the SPA PACK


Article by Guest Writer: Charles Clark

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