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All one needs for the perfect hair "spa" moment. Comprised of our signature shampoo + mask + conditioner + conditioning distribution comb. Thses items are beautifully boxed making the Spa Collection Box a perfect gift for anyone wanting sumptuous, lustrous nutured hair.

The Iles Formula Spa Collection Box is our limited edition. It has been developed to deliver nourishment, strength, and repair to all hair types. Selected raw ingredients infused with high technology deliver the most sumptuous infusion for hair and scalp without ever weighing the hair down.

Iles Formula signature Shampoo is formulated with the most exclusive antioxidant-rich ingredients and is sulfate free, paraben free and silicone free.

Iles Formula signature Hair Mask infused with plant extracts, vitamin E, panthenol and B5 was developed through extensive research to strengthen and nourish all hair types.

Iles Formula signature Conditioner is the raison d’être for the entire collection. This paraben-free formula instantly repairs damaged, straw-like textured hair into a sumptuous spun silk perfection. It’s the perfect formula to terminate the Iles Formula spa treatment with, as it will seal into the hair shaft all the nourishment and strengthening qualities delivered.

After shampooing, apply liberally the Iles Formula Mask throughout the mid lengths and ends of the hair. Comb through for perfect distribution. The comb will deliver to the scalp the correct quantity of product needed. Indulge for 5 to 15 minutes. Rinse.

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The mask is applied between the Shampoo and the Conditioner, to deliver the nourishment before we close down the hair cutical with our hight performant hair conditioner.


( 4 customer reviews )
  1. Lori M

    A lasting love.
    Treated myself to the 3 little bottles after the trial sized ones.
    I think these is the best products I’ve ever used and I’ve tired so may others that I don’t even know what to say about them. Guess I’m lucky to have friends who need hair care products. But the ones that do nothing?
    When the big bottles came into the picture, I’ve had the nicest hair I have in many years.
    I did get a bit confused with #4 & 5 thou. You put on the best treatment and then wash it out? I’ve been doing 3,4 & 5 and think this is wonderful. But to find #4 & 5? When I get there I’ll search for them.
    I have dozens of bottles of other products all along my bathtub that I need to just send them away. As this line and a clarifying shampoo is all I really need. And of course the mask once in a while.
    Five star product!!!

  2. Sheridan

    I have an afro unruly curl. I always search for a thick butter, it’s all that ever works for me.
    It’s the first time I ever invested in a combination from one company, I will say the results are the best I’ve ever seen on my hair. I’m not sure if it’s the mask or the fact i used the 3 together. Anyway I’m in….. will be re buying.

  3. Pia Smithton

    Jan 18
    I received this as a generous Christmas gift.
    This does what it says … A spa for your hair.
    My hair is very thin, fluffy and slightly curly. I thought perhaps it would be too heavy but no, my hair is back from death! Really spectacular results.

  4. Pearson

    June Pearson
    Jan 2018

    I really love this box, it fits best to my needs. I have very curly hair and this 3 combo is perfect…..
    I also discovered the mask is to be applied between the shampoo and conditioner! This is unusual, but your explanations explain why. The results are perfect.

    Will be buying again.

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