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Some of my favorite hair tools

Some of my favorite hair tools | Screen Shot 2014 04 06 at 19.35.31 e1396806285998

Here is a little look into some favorite tools I work with.

I need a blowdryer that is light in weight, powerful and has good hot and cold controls. I discovered Harry Josh dryer when he sent me one as a gift. I am very pleased with its performance, It’s my  favorite American dryer. It only exists in 120V for now, therefore it can not be used in Europe, where we work with 240V . Outside of USA, I have been using  Collexia professional hairdryer 240V for 7 years now. Both dryers are quite similar.

The brushes I use are from Rusk . They are designed with a ceramic barrel that prevents the hair becoming static. The bristles are ionic, which is perfect as they give off natural ions that seal the cuticle, smooth the hair and eliminate frizz. Everything I need.

The GHD straightener was another gift as I just did their last campaign. The “Eclipse” is their latest design; I have used their old design as well for some years now and I can say that I am happy with both . I like the small 1-inch blades that allow me to wave the hair as well as straighten it. It has a built-in sensor  for 120V and 240V, so it can be used in all countries in the world.

The tools I work with need to be reliable and durable. The fabrication needs to be Haut de Gamme. My tools are traveling as cargo between most jobs, although I take care to pack them in a certain manner, they need to withstand lots of  handling between destinations and perform perfectly on arrival.

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