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Star Wars Hair Tutorial

star wars hair

This week’s premier of Star Wars:  The Force Awakens is promoting fans from all over the world to celebrate and relive the franchise. So here, for all fans from all galaxies, a Star Wars hair tutorial on Princess Leia’s famous  hairstyle.

Star Wars Hair – Padme

Princess Leia is mostly known for her iconic side buns or cinnamon bun twists, which actually only appeared in the first movie, “A New Hope”. This look has gone down in history as one of the most recognizable hairstyles on film.

star wars hair

If your hair is not very long you may want to use a doughnut mesh  support for these buns to give them some volume, also long pins and Iles Formula Finishing Serum. Don’t use hairspray it will make the hair crackly and difficult to maneuver. The finishing serum will give the hair a beautiful silky texture and help hold and mold fine fly away hairs in place.

star wars hair

Part hair equally in the middle and anchor two pig tails on each side around the temple area. Now hold the end of your tail straight out, and slip it through the hole of the donut shaped support.  This is where the process gets tricky—you’ll probably need to practice a few times. Hold the tip of your ponytail, and spread the ends so that they’re sprayed out over the mesh support. At the same time, roll the support up your pony, continuing to spread and tuck hair around the doughnut as you go. Once you get closer to the head the process will get easier. Keep adjusting your hair to make sure the support is fully covered. Once you’ve reached your head the bun should sit securely. Add a few bobby pins or long U shaped pins  to  secure the  buns in place.

Princess Leia has very long hair and the  best technique for this is  not to use a  bun support but create the style by  twisting each tail around in a long sausage, then start to turn the sausage tail on itself in the shape of  a cinnamon roll. This you will need to pin as you go, but the effect is nice as it lays more flat.

And there you have your Star wars hair!  Stay tuned for more .

star wars hair

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