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Start the Year Off Right, Edit Your Bathroom with the Best Home Haircare

Start the Year Off Right with the Best Home Haircare.

A new year means new beginnings. It’s time to edit our bathroom shelves and throw out all that we call “noise” – unnecessary products that don’t perform extraordinarily.

Minimalism with maximum results is our motto. Create a pure uncluttered beauty area by choosing high-performance products that work. Purchase a calming candle with a perfume that relaxes you. Clean out the drawers and cupboard spaces. Edit out old towels and throw out expired products. You will be amazed at how many you will have accumulated over time, and throw out any product that does not make your heart go pit-a-pat.

We are here to speak about haircare but you could also do this with your skincare. Purchase quality over quantity always. Read on for: Start the Year Off Right, Edit Your Bathroom with the Best Home Haircare!



How many shampoos does anyone need really?  Our Iles Formula Shampoo is perfectly pH-balanced for a healthy scalp and hair shaft. It is all one really needs. Look for sulfate-free + silicon-free + paraben-free shampoos.

We do know of customers that purchase the Iles Formula Shampoo in family size and also use it as a body wash due to the number of high-performing, natural skincare ingredients in it. We have had several customers reaching back to us claiming how our shampoo has calmed their sensitive skin and in several cases psoriasis. Some purchase the liter size for cupboard storage and refill their 200 ml for esthetic view. start-the-year-off-right-edit-your-bathroom-with-the-best-home-haircare

Condition + Repair:

Conditioners: we agree there are many conversations around problematic conditioners. There are a few famous brands right now having problems with hair breakage because of an overload of keratin and protein buildup! Beware of those brands claiming they coat the hair shaft to repair it. This is exactly where the Iles Formula Conditioner stands apart. Not only is it award-winning, but it also repairs the hair shaft without depositing residue. It stands alone on the circuit of high-end luxury haircare, read the reviews to confirm just how phenomenal this conditioner is. The formula is silicon-free repairing the hair shaft instantly without ever weighing the hair down.

Consider purchasing a wet brush or a large-tooth comb-like our Conditioner Distribution Comb and keep it in the shower beside your conditioner. Start to take the habit of combing your conditioner through. This education is passed through all our Iles Formula Conditioner‘s usage instructions. We believe in a perfect application for perfect results.



It’s good to have a hair mask on hand to use once a month for extra nourishment when needed. Winter and Summer months are the ideal time to reap all the benefits from a well-balanced silicon-free hair mask.

The Iles Formula Hair Mask is formulated to strengthen and nurture the hair. The Hair Mask cocktails raw virgin ingredients derived from the macrobola seed oil, Amazonian tucuma seed butter, panthenol, vitamin E, and B5. This hair mask is applied to the hair and scalp between the Iles Formula Shampoo and before the Iles Formula Conditioner. Allow the mask to sit for around 15 minutes before rinsing and continuing with the conditioner!

Immediately after usage, hair will be extra nurtured to deliver a sumptuous texture.

These three luxury hair care products are conveniently bundled into one luxury vegan leather pack known as the Iles Formula Spa Pack.


Protection Delivering Spun-Silk Texture:

Both Iles Formula Serums – The Curl Revive and Finishing Serum are specially formulated as protection against heated tools + UV + color fade and humidity.
The Iles Formula Finishing Serum (below) has the power to transform all hair types into lusciousness, even those that are brittle, dry, or damaged. If heat activated it creates sheer magic, delivering hair that feels and looks like spun-silk! Most heads of hair need protection of some kind. Moreover, extreme coldness is as damaging as extreme heat can be on the hair.


Protection Delivering Cashmere Texture:

Last but not least, we present to you the Iles Formula Curl Revive – formulated to honor curls, waves, and frizz!

Think about it, silk is lighter than cashmere. Hence, thin fine hair should use the Iles Formula Finishing Serum (above), thick coarse stubborn hair use the Iles Formula Curl Revive serum below.

Furthermore, we know how hard it is to style your curls, which is why we have developed the perfect solution.

For sumptuous and beautifully formed locks, we recommend,  you stock up on a few turban towels in the cupboard! Check out our founder, Wendy Iles’ video on her experience rediscovering her curls again during home confinement.

The Iles Formula Curl Revive isn’t just for curled hair. Likewise, thick, coarse, and straight hair can share the fun as well! Use the spray while blow-drying to give the hair a nourished, cashmere texture, the perfect weight for unruly thick, coarse hair.



Share with us how you transformed your bathroom haircare by tagging us at @ilesformula_hair and #IlesFormula! Start the new year off right, with Iles Formula haircare.

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