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Summer and Color, Your Hair Should Love Both

It’s summer! The perfect time to change your hair color. Whether you are on the lookout for something new or just want to mix things up, a dramatic hair makeover may be just what you need for a refreshed look.

What to Consider Before Choosing a Summer Hair Color?

The best summer hair color is one that makes you feel confident and vibrant. It should make you feel good about yourself. Some factors that you might want to consider when picking out your summer hair color are; your mood, your feelings, and how long your hair will be down.

With all of this in mind, it is also essential that you pick out colors that match your skin tone, eye color, and personality in that the color looks natural.

And, with all the hair coloring and bleaching involved, don’t forget to give your hair some extra care this summer to keep it healthy! The perfect set of haircare to repair and nurture your hair is the award-winning Iles Formula Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s silicon-free, paraben and sulfate-free! With all the bleaching and toning, it is crucial to ensure your haircare does not contain these harmful ingredients as your hair definitely won’t react well if they come into contact.




Iles Formula Shampoo 
summer-and-color-your-hair-should-love-bothIles Formula Conditioner

Which Hues to Wear This Summer?

The summer of 2021 is going to be a colorful one. The brightest colors from the previous years are here to stay, and we should also expect more pastel shades this summer. Here are the most popular ones you will see over the next few months:

Light Pastels

One of the hottest hair colors this summer is light pastels. They are a trend that is expected to stay popular for a long time. A while back, light pastels were only seen in highlights as they were considered too light to be used on their own. But recently, it is becoming a staple hair color for those who want to take their summer look up a notch.

Pastel pink, dusty lavender, pure white, and baby blue are getting popular, even with celebrities such as Selena Gomez and Olivia Culpo, rocking these hues on red carpets worldwide!

If you love keeping up with celeb hair trends and the products they use, make sure to check out the award-winning Iles Formula Finishing Serum. It’s a favorite amongst popular hairdressers who’ve used it on film shoots and professional photoshoots. Our founder, Wendy Iles never styles a head of hair without it! It feeds hair with nothing but goodness without ever weighing it down! So, you know that when you’re rocking these hair colors, the luster will definitely come through!


Iles Formula Finishing Serum


Sourced from Iles Formula Pinterest Board

Tie-dyes and Rainbows

Tie-dye is a great summer color that looks trendy and fresh. If you are wanting a look that will stand out, tie-dye is your go-to color!

You could try a color combination of ash-blonde for the base and have rainbow highlights. It’s perfect for those who cannot decide on one color and like to be a bit more experimental!


Bubblegum Pink

The popularity of pink is not surprising, given its association with warmth and happiness. This summer, a range of shades from baby pink to bubble gum pink will give you that cute, soft look.


Sourced from the Iles Formula Pinterest Board

Mermaid Hair

It’s a trendy summer hair color that has been popular with celebrities like Katy Perry and Kylie Kardashian. Its unique bright blue and green colors look best on blondes but can also be styled on brunettes and redheads.

Mermaid hair colors are some of the hottest trends in the market because they complement everything you wear. The trend is prevalent in girls who either don’t like spending too much time on their hair or have trouble keeping it healthy during summer.


Denim Hair

Denim hair is a trending summer hair color this year. It’s a versatile color and it’s a trend that won’t die out anytime soon.

summer-and-color-your-hair-should-love-bothSourced from the  Iles Formula Pinterest Board

Denim hair matches all skin tones. It can go from natural,dyed-to-match, to color blocking. All you need to do is now to find the perfect denim tone you like! What also looks more chic is using hairpieces to adorn your hair color or the styles you try, consider the Iles Formula Twilly Hair Distinguee Hair Tie. It comes in three different patterns and colors PASSIONNÉE, DISTINGUÉE, and FRIVOLE. They are the perfect match for denim hair and keep your baby hairs from flying around or sticking to your skin amidst the hot weather. It’s a silky-soft fabric that can be used as a hair tie, around the wrist, or on your handbag as French women are known to do.


Iles Formula Twilly Hair Tie



Yes! They are still on-style. Bold colors are usually associated with summer since these colors stand out and add a little shine and sparkle to your hair.

Bold colors are also considered more flattering on a wide range of skin tones with their bright vibrancy. It is popularly known that bold colors can reflect positivity and optimism, all the things we need this summer!


Black hair compliments a natural tan and looks gorgeous in the summer sun, making it a great color choice for many people. Whilst a darker hair color can attract more heat, we have you covered! Why not experience the Iles Formula Finishing Serum that has heat-protection and UV, humidity, and color-fade protection? It’s a MUST HAVE for all hair types!


Black is very versatile as it goes well with everything from a sundress to a tank top and shorts. Not to mention, how well it blends with all skin tones –

Summertime is the perfect occasion to experiment with different hair colors. This season, most people go for lighter tones as they want to add some brightness into their lives after the dull winter season. Get some inspiration from stylists in Moda Database featuring our founder –  Wendy Iles and find out their favorite summer hair looks to boost your summer style.

Want to feel more inspired? Visit the Iles Formula Journal and Shop page to find product reviews, hairstyle ideas, expert opinions, and best practices for haircare.


Article by Guest Writer: Leona Harrison


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