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"Andy Lecompte Salon"


This week on the Iles Formula journal we are sharing A Tribute To Our 2018 Iles Formula Hair Talk Guests.  We are thrilled to feature all of these artists that shared their views with us on the ups and the downs of Hairdressing today. We also…


This week is the perfect time to share Hair Color Trends For Autumn/Fall 2018 with all of you.   Summer is officially over, and the temperatures have started to drop, which is a great time for a shift in your hair color if that is something…


Attention Ladies… Many of you have inquired about our products and how they can help your hair. We are definitely going to dive into this in detail, but before we do, we thought it would be equally as important to share with you All You…


This week, you won’t want to miss our Iles Formula Hair Talk Featuring Christopher Pierce.  Christopher is the much “in demand” top hair colorist at Andy Le Compte Salon in West Hollywood, and is an avid user of Iles Formula….

Iles Formula Hair Talk With Leanne Citrone

Co-owner of the Andy Lecompte Salon, Leanne Citrone has been named one of the best stylists in Los Angeles by W Magazine. She began her career in England and has risen to the top of her field, with clients, bloggers and celebrities alike all…

Iles Formula at Andy Lecompte Salon

  ILES FORMULA is now available at Andy Lecompte Salon! Best known as Madonna’s Hairstylist – Andy Lecompte is one of the most sought after stylists in the business. When he is not on tour with Madonna he is working in the hype Andy…



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  • The Iles Formula Spa Pack is the perfect nurture product for now. Watch previous posts to see why. 😊

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  • Have you experienced the Iles Formula mask yet? If so please leave us your review 🙂. For those who have not please read the love the mask gets!
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  • Iles Formula Nurture Hair Mask delivers the most sumptuous and lustrous hair while infusing the scalp with vitamins. An aroma of white tea flowers will engulf your senses and those who come close to you. Remember, when using this masque, to place it BETWEEN our Iles shampoo and Iles conditioner. 
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  • This week we are sharing the Ultimate Men's Haircut and Grooming Experience tips. We've gathered an arsenal of haircuts and styles, plus product must-haves.
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