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This week, Iles Formula Hair Talk Featuring Lauren Walker Of Edwards And Co  is a must read.  Lauren is part of the Australian trendy salon team Edwards and Co . If you have skimmed across beautiful hair on Instagram, more than likely you have…

Iles Formula Hair Talk With Kathy Gilbert & Mark Jones

Meet Kathy Gilbert and Mark Jones, co-owners of Crown Hair in Darlinghurst Sydney. Mark is an expert cutter and Kathy truly appreciates the relationship between colour and texture… An infusion of partners made in heaven. It’s hard to…


Iles Formula Hair Talk is pleased to introduce you to Michael Strugnell and his recently opened “one on one” sumptuous Salon space set amongst a leafy residential street in Middle Park. Michael, the maestro of hair cutting in…


Iles Formula Hair Talk With Craig Walker We met Craig this year while doing our Iles Formula hair launch at Edwards and Co in Sydney. Craig came on board to help present Iles Formula to the locks of VIP press in Australia. IF : Craig, tell us a…

Iles Formula Launches In Sydney & Melbourne

Iles Formula launches in Sydney and Melbourne  I’ve done several Iles Formula press launches around the globe, but this press launch was special and an extremely emotional one for me as I was bringing Iles Formula home to Australia.  …

I’m in Australia this month soaking up the sunshine and thinking it’s time to speak about sun protection for hair. Especially here as the sun is lethal! Since it’s winter in Europe and most of USA, this blog is for those having…

New Blood

I want to publish from time to time photos of new talented artists. If you have a great picture with interesting hair, send it to me and if it’s very good like those ones below I’ll post it on my blog, then who know’s… This…

Coup de Coeur

If you are Australian you have to love this. One of the most treasured gifts I ever received was this photograph of our flag shaped in a heart  from Rankin. I may be living between America and Europe  but much of my heart is still with…


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