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"Behind The Chair"


So many have reached out asking what texture products I used on Heidi’s hair for the Heidi + Snoop Dogg collaboration “Chai Tea with Heidi” video. Firstly, we were filming this video in Mykonos under torrential wind conditions….


This week don’t miss our Iles Formula Hair Talk Featuring Kelsey Gustovich From Chris McMillan Salon. Having  trained with some of the top hair dressers in LA, such as,  Chris McMillan, Dominick Serna, and Chris Appleton, she  was able…


The dreaded hair shed is an inevitable downside to having long, luscious locks. Hair loss leads to clogged drains and furry floors. While it is totally normal, it’s no wonder we find it so unappealing. Having to whip out the hoover every other…


This week we are pleased to share Iles Formula Hair Talk Featuring Danae Selwood Of Edwards And Co Salon In Queensland.  Danae is a director level hairstylist at Edwards and Co in Queensland Australia, and we are excited to share her interview…


Born and raised in Bakersfield, CA, Krystal Pohl- Kerkezian followed her dream in the industry working for the most elite salons in California.  She finally planted her roots in Northern California nearly 12 years ago and continued her journey…


Iles Formula Hair Talk welcomes Jarrod Shinn co owner of HMBHNL Salon our first ambassador Salon in  Hawaii! We can’t wait to visit you Jarrod in your sumptuous location of Honolulu! Read what Jarrod has to say about the hair industry…


The average life span for a strand of hair is 2- 7 years.  Take a moment to imagine what your hair goes through in that amount of time.  How many times it gets colored, how many days in the sun, how many times you blow dry it, curl it, and/or…


This week don’t miss our Iles Formula Hair Talk Featuring Carla Zuniga of Salon Benjamin West Hollywood. Carla is one of our best supporters and partially the reason Iles Formula entered Salon Benjamin.  Take a read of her excellent advise…


You might be thinking at this very moment that you are ready for a change with your hair color. If this is you, and you are looking for some inspiration, we have collected a beautiful array of Hair Color Trends For 2019.  It’s the perfect…


This week we are excited to share our Iles Formula Hair Talk Featuring Carly Van Der Meer.  Carly is the Owner of Van Der Meer hair salon located in Sydney, Australia.  Hear what she has to share about the beauty industry as well as her…


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