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Long brunette wavy hair back

So, you’ve spent 5 hours at the salon on your new balayage or baby lights and have stepped out with a gorgeous head of hair with more dimensions than a parallel universe. Surely, you’d want the world to admire the mesmerizing colors and…


The season has finally started to change and it is officially our favorite time of year.  We always get inspired by the beautiful colors of the Autumn leaves and wanted to share with you some Autumn Hair Color Trends for 2017 you won’t…

The Former Hair Color Trend Ombré’s time has come and gone—there’s a new trend in town.  Babylights… and the new tendency in color is definitely cool.  Cold blondes and cold browns, no warms, no golds, no reds, just cool…

Layered hairstyle Cut some layers in your long hair to add volume and interest. I also thinks its a great addition to a layered hairstyle to add some highlights or lowlights which add an even stronger textured effect. Choose your haircutter…


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