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"Edwards and Co"


This week we are pleased to share Iles Formula Hair Talk Featuring Danae Selwood Of Edwards And Co Salon In Queensland.  Danae is a director level hairstylist at Edwards and Co in Queensland Australia, and we are excited to share her interview…


This week on the Iles Formula journal we are sharing A Tribute To Our 2018 Iles Formula Hair Talk Guests.  We are thrilled to feature all of these artists that shared their views with us on the ups and the downs of Hairdressing today. We also…


This week is the perfect time to share Hair Color Trends For Autumn/Fall 2018 with all of you.   Summer is officially over, and the temperatures have started to drop, which is a great time for a shift in your hair color if that is something…


This weeks Iles Formula Hair Talk Featuring Nicolas Reyes Of Edwards And Co Salon is an inspiring one.  Check out what Nicolas has to say about hair, products and the business of beauty.  To see more work from Nicolas, be sure to check out his…


Edwards and Co is one of Australia’s leading hair salon/agency owned by entrepreneur Jaye Edwards.  A salon that offers  salon services, education, freelance bookings with his innovative and trend setting hair stylists and makeup artists. …


Iles Formula Hair Talk With Craig Walker We met Craig this year while doing our Iles Formula hair launch at Edwards and Co in Sydney. Craig came on board to help present Iles Formula to the locks of VIP press in Australia. IF : Craig, tell us a…

Iles Formula Launches In Sydney & Melbourne

Iles Formula launches in Sydney and Melbourne  I’ve done several Iles Formula press launches around the globe, but this press launch was special and an extremely emotional one for me as I was bringing Iles Formula home to Australia.  …


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