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Iles Formula Hair Talk welcomes Lacy Gadegaard West, Owner of Laced Hair Salon in Salt Lake City, Utah. Read on to see what Lacy has to say about the hair business today. To know more about Lacy, follow her on Instagram @lacygadegaard and her…


Iles Formula Hair Talk welcomes Kim Anderson, a professional hairdresser and makeup artist working at Channel 7, based in Australia. Read on to see what Kim has to say about the hair business today. To know more about Kim, visit her website. You…


Iles Formula Hair Talk welcomes Ian Sannicolas, of The Uncommon Mane based in California, USA. Read on to see what Ian has to say about the hair business today. To know more about Ian, visit his salon’s website. You can also follow him on…


Stelli, one of the most renowned hairstylists in the fashion & beauty industry today, met with our founder Wendy Iles during his career. Probably one of his most defining experiences. We talked to him, read what he has to say. Stelli, whose…


Stelli, einer der renommiertesten Hairstylisten der Fashion & Beauty-Industrie, begegnete im Laufe seiner Karriere Wendy Iles. Wohl eine seiner prägendsten Erfahrungen. Wir haben mit ihm gesprochen. Wir haben einen der gefragtesten Hair…


Iles Formula Hair Talk welcomes Jillian Fontecchio, Colorist + Curl Enthusiast at Blush n’ Blow Beauty Bar in Harrison, New York. Read on to see what Jillian has to say about the hair business today. To know more about Jillian, visit her…


As modern technology is advancing, significant changes are revolutionizing industries across the globe. At Iles Formula, we are excited to tell you that perms are making a swift comeback! As you may have already known, the perm was thriving back…


Start the Year Off Right with the Best Home Haircare. A new year means new beginnings. It’s time to edit our bathroom shelves and throw out all that we call “noise” – unnecessary products that don’t perform…


We are all happy to say that 2020 is finally coming to an end. Winter is already here and aren’t we all craving a change? This year has been focused on DIY with all the social distancing and lockdowns, so when you can’t take a trip to the…


People always judge by looks, first. We all know not to judge a book by its cover, but the fact remains that people see things first, and they begin to decide things about you. That means, when you go out on your first date with someone,…


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