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"hair do"

It’s award season as I’m winding up my own stay in Los Angeles after receiving my own Oscar for best hair styling last Sunday at the Hollywood Beauty Awards. I felt this blog should be about what makes a great Academy Award hair….

How To Get A Sexy New Year's Eve Hair Up Do

The easiest ever hair for party! It’s better to create this on already dried hair even better from the day before. If the hair is freshly shampooed it’s often too soft, pins slide and hair doesn’t stay together as well. As you…

One of my followers asked me to write about some easy hairdo ideas, as she was obliged to attach her hair everyday for her work and wanted some variety. I’ve included several images for inspiration. Textured Tails, I use KMS  sea salt…

My big secret for keeping hair voluminous for days is so easy. It’s a before bed technique. Firstly, shampoo your hair in a good shampoo that mentions volume. Oribe magnificent volume shampoo, Pantene sheer volume shampoo or…


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