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4 low maintenance hairstyles for Black Women - pink hair - short hairstyle - black women short hairstyle

Black women have a knack for changing up hair. They experiment with fun hairstyles, different cuts, eye-catching colors, and the newest treatments and processes on a regular basis. They transform their kinky-curly tresses into bone straight…

Haircut trends

Have you been feeling like your tired and bored with your hair lately?  Like it’s not really making the statement that it once did?  If you answered yes, the reason is because there is a bit of a shift in haircut trends at the moment….


In 2016 men’s hair trends are out the window, as more and more men decided to make a statement and create their signature styles. Here is a selection of cool yet classy and effortless men’s hairstyles to choose from or take them as a…

    I loved working with Lindsey Wixson. Not only is she beautiful and kind but she also has fantastic hair, thick and strong. I especially liked her new haircut, like on her profile photo on the top left – shagged 70’s…


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