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Kara Hazirjian Kara Hazirjian aspires to be a global hair stylist, renowned for her expertise in balayage highlighting, as well as artistry of editorial hairstyling. Her love of color started at the Redken Exchange in NYC, which propelled her to…

Iles Formula Hair Talk Jasmin Allert

This week Iles Formula introduces the 27 year old Jasmin Allert, creative director and head of G54 Hairdresser Basler Beauty and the hairdresser Academy  in Stuttgart, Germany. The family company G54 HAIRDRESSER Baslerbeauty salons have a…

Iles-Formula-Hair-Talk Said-Rubaii

Iles Formula introduces Berlin hair master Said Rubaii. Our founder Wendy Iles first met Said when she used his exquisite salon with white barber style uniforms for the German press launch of our new hair mask. Said has recently won awards for…


Iles Formula welcomes Nicolas Eldin. Nicolas was originally from Paris and is now based out of New York with Art Department. His work speaks for itself, refined elegant and classy. Let’s chat hair! …

I had the honor to be the winner of Kathryn Blondell award for hairstyling this year at the Hollywood Beauty Awards. But for people who are not familiar with the name, who is Kathryn Blondell ? First of all, Kathryn was the 2016 Hollywood Beauty…

It’s award season as I’m winding up my own stay in Los Angeles after receiving my own Oscar for best hair styling last Sunday at the Hollywood Beauty Awards. I felt this blog should be about what makes a great Academy Award hair….

      The “French Touch” The secret to French hair in just a few lessons! What do French woman do to make their hair look sexy without brushing? From London to Los Angeles, the web does not cease to fantasize about the…

Read what Heidi Klum does with her spare time. She has to be one of my hardest working friends and clients. I saw her recently in a people.com article chopping vegetables! That’s Heidi ! With her career at an all time pinnacle, she manages…

  Jane Birkin Hair I stock lots of references to inspire me. Here is one I wanted to share with you, a look I adore of Jane Birkin’s hair from the 70’s. I’m just waiting for the right job and the right model to do my own…


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