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"Harry Josh"

When it comes to Red Capet ready hair that is full of volume and curl, our founder Wendy Iles definitely has this mastered.  We managed to pull her aside from her busy schedule to have her share with us her personal secrets for creating the most…


Our founder Wendy Iles has been in NYC and will be there most of this summer.  She’s currently busy launching Iles Formula into Bergdorf Goodman and working on  the set of Project Runway with the beautiful Heidi Klum. We were lucky to…


When it comes to brushes, not all are created equal.  Oftentimes, people think a brush is just for brushing your hair.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Every brush has a different purpose in this world, as well as creates a…


Do you ever wish you could style your hair as fabulous as your hairstylist does?  If you answered yes,  you are not alone.  This is something we hear often as hairstylists.  However, this does not mean you are not capable of creating fabulous…

My New Favorite Things

  My last week started from Paris to London and ended in Los Angeles. While working on the set in London with Elle Uk, I discovered what’s to be my new favorite London florist Scarlet&Violet. Keira Knightley got to take this…

Wendy Iles' Hair Tips - How To Get Beach Waves

  SEXY BEACH WAVES HAIRSTYLE …. With summer approaching the idea of sexy beach waves hairstyle is appealing. Here is how you can get this look. Beach Waves Hairstyle If your hair is straight, you need to add the curl using few different…



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  • The Iles Formula Spa Pack is the perfect nurture product for now. Watch previous posts to see why. 😊

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  • Have you experienced the Iles Formula mask yet? If so please leave us your review 🙂. For those who have not please read the love the mask gets!
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  • Iles Formula Nurture Hair Mask delivers the most sumptuous and lustrous hair while infusing the scalp with vitamins. An aroma of white tea flowers will engulf your senses and those who come close to you. Remember, when using this masque, to place it BETWEEN our Iles shampoo and Iles conditioner. 
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  • This week we are sharing the Ultimate Men's Haircut and Grooming Experience tips. We've gathered an arsenal of haircuts and styles, plus product must-haves.
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